GDC 2009: Interview with Peter Molyneux - Fable 2 Post Mortem, the Future of the Gaming Industry and the Economy

Now that Fable 2 is done and shipped, we talk to Peter Molyneux about what it was like. He shares thoughts on the future of the video game industry, the economy, and the next big, industry-changing thing he sees coming right over the horizon.

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i agree.

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awesome fabe2 is best fable 3 is going to be somthing great.

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how does he sleep at night, he basically stole my money (i spent on fable 2) from all of these lies... huge let down

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save the sarah connor chronicles and sign the petition. Watch it this friday at 8 pm est. go to ----- << LINK REMOVED >> ---- spread the word and help us grow. we are near 13000 already!!!

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"electroban Posted Mar 30, 2009 11:10 am GMT sad thing is about games devlopers is they get stuck making the same game over and over again, so great ANOTHER fable is going to get released Fable 3.... sigh. If he's saying he's got loads of ideas try doing something new instead of milking an exisiting franchise" Kinda like Nintendo milking their name and coming out with a console thats nothing but mini games and ports of old gamecube titles and ps2 titles.

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i felt connected to my virtual dog great work Peter :)

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Bring BACK B.C!! Also people hated Fable only cos it was a bit of a let down ...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> thats the best review of a PC game ive seen

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sad thing is about games devlopers is they get stuck making the same game over and over again, so great ANOTHER fable is going to get released Fable 3.... sigh. If he's saying he's got loads of ideas try doing something new instead of milking an exisiting franchise

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It's hard to describe this guy, when he hypes his games he never seems to do so because he wants our money, but because he really loves the product he has created. And honestly he never says lies we as gamers just take what he says and runs with it.

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Such a great speaker. Never saying "Umm.." but pausing to think. And such a casual, cool maner of speaking. He's a very creative, artist.

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Peter M, really needs to learn to shut his mouth. His games would be absolutely fine if he didnt hype them to death and make them out to be the next big thing. As it stands Fable 2 was pretty rubbish is relation to the hype. Just like the first game, it was even a step backwards in many respects. Lionhead, stop catering to the "casual" gamer, and start giving us games with depth.... Forget Fable, give us Dungeon Keeper 3.... I really dont understand, why there seems to be so much praise for him in this thread. For a real review of Fable 2.... << LINK REMOVED >>

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I would be happy with just more expansion packs!! :D Cheers Peter

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just remember what he next 2 years ... we will witness something that will affect EVERYTHING ! ! !

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"Polish what we have" and more DLC. Can't wait

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Bring Fable 2 to the pc. I want to play it already.

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Fable II looks really superb, it's worth playing those types of RPS's.

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Has he forgotten all about Black & White? :(

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i love fable 2 i love the graphics the adventure.everything I give it a 10!!!!!!

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way to go lionhead

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That man right there is the reason I'm making videogames my career. He is the embodiment of passion and drive and he undoubtedly loves his job. I very comfortably call Mr. Molyneux an Artist; all his works drip with creativity and personality. They just have a signature vibe that tells you he was there, kind of like Tim Chaffer. As long as Peter Molyneux and others like him who put their life blood into their craft are in the industry then I'm always certain that there's a good game a brewin'. Long live Lionhead!

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I loved this game There is huge potential here for MMORPG

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cool interview. heres the thing, i loved fable, and i love fable II. but the ONE thing that ALWAYS bugged me with those games is that they are "open world" but not at all lol. All of the load times are ridiculous. Every few minutes i'm loading into a new area. Why not just connect directly? who cares if its not "10 miles, 190 hours" or w/e. also, i would like to see more story. fable I had a better story than II, but they were both relatively short main story lines. i want a 40 hour game man. And in Knothole island, ive only done the first winter quest so far, and thats the most like a dungeon level fable has ever had and honestly thats better than the other type of quests the game sends u on. id like to see more of that. also, i would like to see fable 3 be like a prequel or something, becasue i liked the bow and arrow in fable so much better than the crossbow and gun in fable 2, bc the bow and arrow makes u have to do more. but based off of this dlc, seein the future, fable 3 prob wont be a prequel lol. too bad. i just hope they have lik machine guns...

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dude Great idea, create a Fable game where you go back to archeron's time (fable geeks/obsessed will know). You gone to the future now go to the past.

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He makes sense beacuse he's british

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good interview, great designer. even though some of his games have flopped in the past, he has obviously learned from it and evolved his work, for example fable 2. keep up the good work!

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Good interview 10 on 10

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Definitely interesting. Peter has been a boon for the gaming world, even though he missed the mark a few times (not specifically with Fable 2 though, which is a fine game), but even his worst games has made a point and is relevant when talking about the history of computer games. I'm looking forward to some polish on existing projects as well as entirely new ones in the future.

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Peter is really a brilliant designer, I enjoyed watching that.

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This guy is a perfectionist. I think I agree with him in the aspect that it could have been more polished and given a bit more time in development, which is always the problem with good games; it always seems that they could have used more time. With that said, I think when Fable 3 comes around, it will be given the extra length needed to capture not only the old fans, but many more new ones. It usually seems to take 3 games to get it right, does it not?

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Peter Molyneux should be tried as a war criminal and hanged, this guy is a liar.

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fable 2 is one of the best games ever to me. want more dlc with a lot of content like quests, story, armor and weapons. should be a lot longer then knothole island though, it was great but too short.

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I followed Fable 2 but did not play it. (I may try it if it comes out on PC.) A friend of mine loves it. It's her favorite game right now. Even though it wasn't quite my thing, I root for Mr. Molyneux. He's one of those people that improves the entire industry by being in it. A rising tide does in fact lift all boats and his vision and drive leads to better products from him and his competitors. And I do think I will be playing a Peter Molyneux game in the future.

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atleast the man is humble enough to admit that it wasnt perfect

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I always and forever will love fable so lets have some new DLC's

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love fable 2! bring on the third.... please

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The problem with Peter Molyneux is that he's ahead of his time. He's a brilliant man, but he can't reach his full potential in this day and age. Fable two wasn't all it could be, but it was definitely a step in the right direction. Peter's vision for the perfect game will be achieved one day, whether it's in his lifetime or not. This man will change the entertainment world, if not directly, indirectly.

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Give me B.C. peter please please!!!

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Computer games huh, doesn't he mean video games lol. I agree its exciting to think about the future of gaming.

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Fable 2 was the biggest joke ever, I'll never buy another game from this moron.

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Fable 2 was a good game. Just like any other, it had its fair share of problems. It, however, isn't anywhere near my favorite games. There was so much hype for and it didn't deliver in many areas. The story was great, but I found the content lacking. And the whole focus around "Love" annoyed me. By the end of the game I could care less about my wife, there was no connection so I ended up taking the money.

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I was dissapointed with Fable also... didnt stop me throwing 100+ hours into my three charecters.

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I liked Fable II. Thought was fun to play.

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I loved this game

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i was a little disappointed with fable 2 when comparing it to fable, but really as a whole it was somewhat different from other games in the past and i myself must say thank you peter, and i really do hope to see more from you.

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Peter Molyneux talks a good game but he is nothing like the visionary that people (including himself) paint him to be. Fable 2 had absolutely zero revolutionary gameplay elements. It was a mediocre rpg with an appalling story.

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I love Marmite.

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well it sounds like we'll see what theresa is doing with the tower at the end of fable 2

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I was really turned off by the gameplay videos I watched, but the visuals in this game are so unique and sweet. I think I've missed out, and it's about time I got this game.

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Peter is a funny boossss! What about Fable 2 on PC?

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