GC 2008: Cevat Yerli Keynote Execrpt: Pushing the limits of CryEngine 2

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli shows us what CryEngine 2 can do in this tech demo in this excerpt from his keynote speech, "The Future of Gaming Graphics," from the Leipzig GC 2008.

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Even now damn!

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"wonder if theyl add gameplay in the expansion" lol someone has a sucky computer

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That is awesome!

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Wonder if they'll add gameplay in the expansion

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a q9450 with 2 gtx 280s sli will run crysis 40 fps at 1080p/very high or 1650x1050/very high/ 4xfsaa. keep this in mind when you upgrade. btw, warhead is going to run significantly better than crysis. an earlier interview stated that it will run on a 600$ pc and there are some outstanding performance issues with crysis that haven't been addressed yet; anyone who has played awakening with an nvidia gpu could tell you that there is something wrong with that game. i shouldn't have had to shell out 4g's for a custom rig to play it maxd out but i'm glad i did because there are SO many good games coming out this year.

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I guess you missed the "as shown" part. At least try to pay attention.

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$2000 worth of video cards ? what total drivel. Next gen hardware hah hah. $300 will do it (ATI card) plus a decent C2D or quad. Very exciting developments !

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Who cares if the engine is capable of all that stuff if the only way to see it at any decent frame rate is to buy $2k worth of videocards and go 3 way sli? The engine itself is probably an entire hardware generation ahead of its time if not more. Sure you can run respectable settings now with a decent frame rate but if you are only tapping 50% of the engine whats the fuss about? I'll start caring about how good it is when you can buy hardware to run it "as shown" with playable frame rates.

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Well, it still looks like a game to me!

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im sorry to say tis but metalkid9 is right

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''Unreal Engine 3'' is great but ''CryEngine 2'' is awesome.

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Old video.

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They will never have this kinda graphics in this generation of consoles. im not trying to be mean but its true. But I'm sure they will have this in the next generation consoles for sure.

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MG, best graphic engine out so far.

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how awesome would it be if they allowed this for use on consoles... this just looks great

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that's jaw dropping graphics.. not fake, unbelievable for sure. crytek & their awesome engine always amazes me :)

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This is really old. This is the same video shown over a year ago.

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if you think thats fake, your the biggest moron ever. Cryengine is looking great. Hope they owuld sell the tech to other game devs when they are done.

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