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Nice game, a little low compare to the average castlevanias on portable consoles but it's still okay. What i can't stand though is the terrible voice acting :/

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Hmmm the game looks fun and after playing Sorrow and PoR I wonder if I can play a castlevania where I would have to control a woman. We shall see.

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this is "2D GREATNESS" with awesome levels with colorful lush backgrounds(a little super metroid-ish looking levels), challenging bosses, great soundtrack and very addictive gameplay....best 2d castlevania handheld game ever....KEEP BRINGIN' EM KONAMI...

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this game looks awesome, I really need to get myself a nintendo ds. To bad I bought myself a psp, a ds would have fit me better.

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oh wow. this game look effing sweet!

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Amazing Music, just like every castlevania game EVER!!

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I'm new to this series and I have to say....The creatures in this game look like freaky things from a horror book. But it still looks awesome!! :D

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This game looks amazing! I have all the others for the DS and this looks like it's goging to make a wonderful addition to the overall collection. The spell combo system and glyphs look like its going to be another great combat system. Konami hase done it again >_

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Looks awesome!

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Woooow.. Just came back from playing PoR and DoS but this is just on a whole new level. How the heck are they gonna fit that magic combo system in? It looked sick in the trailer but I can't imagine pulling that off without having to go back to the start menu and messing around a bit. Maybe using a doppelganger system similar to DoS but much much faster. I am more than intrigued on how this will turn out. GotJame1324: A nice idea but I usually like playing Castlevania alone or else its just doesn't feel right but that's just me. Still to have the battle of 1999 finally brought to light would be fantastic.

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Simply put, i think this will be another fantastic addition to the Castlevania Series. The new weapon/magic system looks very interesting. It could prove to be either slightly difficult or really easy. They havent actually made a difficult casltevania in a while. But it always proves to have a fantastic story line. If they really want to sell 10 times more. Lets have them put out the Battle of 1999, As Multiplayer Required. 3 people required to play (julius,alucard, and a token chick which happens to be coming into play). They do that and i asure you that the battle of 1999 will be truly played. Anyone else agree?

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Not bad, I hope it has multiple characters to use after beating it.

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most of the stages looked like they were being recycled from Dawn of Sorrow. and why do we have a baltheir lookalike here?!

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damn this game looks so good.

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this will definately make a kick ass addition to my CV collection, it'll have that unique twist that doesn't ruin the game for hardcore franchise fans

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i think this might be the best one since SotN

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this looks awsome

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u do me proud konami :) keep up i love alot

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man u rock Konami & castlevania crew SSS rank

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im love castlevania artworks gameplays & stly how 2 fight in this game SSS rank ;D

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this is going be awesome 2 play SSS rank ;)

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hell ya can wait until it comes out SSS rank :)

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Wow, the game looks sexy as hell and the boses look interesting. The graphic change is very welcome, as it appears much, much more detailed than the previous games. Now...if we can just get a game on the consoles that isn't blocky 3D animations or a fighting game...

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PAY ATTENTION AT 1:14 ITS A SOTN SOUND!, OMG!. This game will kick ass

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By the way. Shanoa's hot.

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When you look at this, and then compare it to what you see in the Castlevania: Judgement footage, it's like....c'mon. Seriously. This will totally kick Judgement's a#%.

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I definitely will be adding this to my CV collection. ^^

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I'm definitely gettin' this.

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I am super excited.

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cant wait to get my hands on this

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Omfg... can't wait.

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I love Castlevania. This is gonna be super awesome.

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what VVtheyVV said it really isnt new

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well, its not really new...but at least it's much higher quality than the other ones that have been uploaded. And it wasn't recorded with a camera this time either!