Gang Beasts - Multiple Players

Chris Watters hits the mean streets in Gang Beasts. Watch as he and his coworkers discover methods of destroying each other as they grab, push, pull, punch and throw themselves around the crazy environments!

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Multiple Players
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Get bopped, son.

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Not my dick! Not my dick!

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This game brings out the worst in people... in the best way! =)

Also Mary Kish new nickname should be Murder Kill!

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Anyone else having repeated commercials after the mid-way break?

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@ogara0c9 Yeah same for me get stuck in endless ads loop at the midway break.

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@semajaguar @ogara0c9 Looking into this issue right now. Stand by. :)

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@semajaguar @ogara0c9 @Wintereich - All fixed. Please let me know if you have any more issues!


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@ogara0c9 Was wondering if it was just me