Gaming Trends That Need to Die in 2015

Skimpy armor, Kickstarter games gone missing, moba fever, huge day 1 patches, and more. Video games have a number of trends that we would like to see go away in 2015. Have any you would like to see gone? Let us know in the comments.

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I may have already said this, but advertised DLC, as in stuff that shows up in the game that you have to pay to use. For example, characters on a selection screen which are clearly visible but inaccessible. I could have gotten over the "DLC" characters in Street Fighter X Tekken being on the disc to begin with, but to rub my face in it is going too far. I didn't end up buying the game because of that.

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After checking the first and last passages, I wonder if this is 56 pages of 'skimpy armor'.

But, I'd like to answer the question.

1) Micro-tranactioning mobile games until they cost more to unlock the full game than a 'AAA' console game.

2) 3rd party 'Exclusives'. If people can only afford one system, they already have it. Dividing a fan base doesn't help anyone.

3) Massive patches. I have a mediocre internet connection. I couldn't download the Halo 5 patches and still do anything else online.

4) Invasive anti piracy measures. Windows 10 dropped support for a popular one because it was found to be a security risk. Now, good luck getting the original Sims or Age of Mythology to work.

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when everyone stops being a pervert, over sexualized avatars will stop being cool. fat chance of that ever happening though lol. tech is only headed in the direction to become an even bigger pervert

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Personally, I kinda like skimpy armor and I think it should be at least optional. I know it doesn't offer any real protection in real life, but since when are real-life limitations beneficial to video games? If you don't like skimpy armor, don't use it, and if you don't like the sight of skimpy armor used by other players, don't join them in their quests. Not every game is going to lack stuff you don't like. However, sexy armor should not be the only or even the dominant option. Female video game characters need not be excessively used for sexual gratification. Having female video game characters usually be sex objects is also alienating to quote a few gamers, and it encourages this societal culture where people assume that anthropomorphic females are there to please furry fans or that video games starting you girls that are not necessarily tailored for young girls are there to please pedophiles.

If I'm going to be playing as the same character for hours, days, months, or even years (and I don't mean consecutively) (and I prefer playing as female characters), sometimes I'm gonna want her to look sexy while fighting off dangerous enemies. But that's just me; a lot feminists are gamers too, and they also have a right to express their opinions.

I'm not part of the anti-feminist crowd. In fact, I'm kind of a feminist myself. I'm just not a hyper-feminist. I don't want people to get the wrong impression of me, even if it's positive.

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I feel way more badass running around in skimpy armor, completely crushing the humongous monsters, than when I actually look powerful enough to take them on. It's like one of those anime characters that look really weak but when they fight you get such a rush since it's just so entertaining to watch someone so weak-looking completely wreck the bad guys. I run around coming with smug comments whenever I play rpgs, that's way more fun to do if I look weak but can take practically anything on than when I actually have reasons to be smug. Long story short, there ae people who like the "unimmersiveness", from lack of a better word. In my case it's the opposite, as immersive as can be.

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I can actually see why some people -feminists- want them rid of and some don't. For me, my experiences arnt that im jealousy or anything like that about how the characters look . it will be easier to explain my experiences with skimpy clothing in games ~

So for consol games such as ps4, theres characters who wear skimpy and some don't. depending on how their attitude is in game -since im a storyline kind of gal-, their actions to me will make me see them as how they are. if it was a girl who thinks shes better than everyone else when she sucks worse than the others in the game, all i see that character as is a fan service character. however, if they carry themselves well and don't act like they are high and mighty, usually this isnt an issue to me how they look. will it bother me? meh.. maybe but i can look past it.

now for MMOs, this is where me and skimpy clothes are an issue.

theres a character in a game i like to play. shes an elf whos an archer. now, most costumes in the shop that you can buy are mainly skimpy clothes and all the ones that do cover up a good amount - most of her body look like someone dumpped a trash can on her. there is like that 1 - 3 outfits they got that cover her fully but then some of the other ones vanish after a week for only being limited time. most guys in this game want to marry in game charactrs of this female elf archer whos wearing the skimpiest of outfits. literally, all they ever do is megaphone asking if theres "elf girl" single and hot who wants to marry my "metal claw experimented guy" -i wont put their names for the sake of this since the characters have names but you get to name them yourself for username purposes-

so sometimes i do resort to skimpy clothes on the character if i dont got a choice but sometimes i try to not look for one thats less skimpy than the rest. what urks me the most about this is that when a badass outfit that doesnt make her look like a total whore/skimpy slut filled fanservice trash, its ALWAYS in this randomizer that you pay with REAL cash for a CHANCE at 1 piece of the armor. but theres like.. 12 different character ones in this as well that you can get other pieces for instead. the drop rates for it are so horrendous that only those who drop literally a thousand dollars can get the outfit in the total of a month. this is also if they literally are that lucky. you can also get the weapon and accessories of the armor so in total, theres sometimes 9-12 pieces that you can get in total for the outfit but theres 12 or so characters as a whole..

so to me, when theres an outfit i want that looks great imo thats in something as stupid as a randomizer, i feel like i am given no other option of variety exept to wear the skimpy clothes because either are stupid cash limited time ones or completely ludicrous evens that arnt even worth a no statted costume when the other costumes you get are full of stats that you can add stuff onto to make them stronger on top of your armor that you wear.

TLDR: when theres a consol game, i tolerate the characters more unless i flat out hate them throught the story line. for online games such as MMOs, i feel as though i am given no freedom to choose anything else but skimpy clothes because thats all they ever sell in the shop. so is it fair that someone who doesnt want a skimpy/whore/fanservice looking character HAS to wear it without droping x money just because someone else likes to look at that character x way? while i dont mind guys or girls who are skimpy clothed -im bi and i like the option to have a character wear what i want- sometimes i would like the option to wear something that isnt that way. especially since i am an outfit collector and i like to switch around and mess with different outfits and costume pieces

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Um leave kinky armour out of it it needs to stay

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HEY! Can we stop the freaking virtue signaling and just NOT play games with artwork you don't like instead of demanding it must die?

I mean, am I to believe a bunch of grown adults seriously have their self-image damaged by lifeless game characters? I mean, I find sexy armor tacky at times but I never let it stand in the way if a genuinely good game.

I just thought people would be more mature than this, instead of white-knighting for the virtue of a few thousand polys rigged to a biped.

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Gaming needs to get rid of the patriarchy....and every game should be a history on how women have been chattel... Literally chattel! Just a few 100 years ago!

Feminist rool! Men drool!

Yay! :)

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@vecha: Boo, hiss, Nazi-feminist!

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What needs to go is games media run in ultra leftist san fransisco. Where they preach bullshit straight out of a post modern pseudo science gender studiea course. Most gamers dont want politics in their games media or games or being told how to think.

Some of us have backbones and wont white night these crazy social justice bullshit trend. I love sexy armor and big busty and big butt women... why is this a problem? You say it doesnt represent real life but guess what... this is gaming its not supposed to unless thats what the dev was going for. I love fantasy art from the 70s and 80s

.. highly stylized and amazing to look at. I guess you people would call me a "mysoginst" ( a word.i.didnt even know.existed ) for that... what i say " then so be it! Your blame and shame means nothing to me". My wife is large breasted, so your theories on that real world wwomen dont.have large breasts is bullshit too!

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I know this is old but I felt like saying something, I think something that needs to end in 2016 is the age of selfish gamers. Some of us gamer chick's like our skimpy armor. And if you pc game here's an idea. Mod ya self some gear that is to your liking. But it shouldn't go away simply because you demand it. You ain't the only girl gamer out there and your feelers don't get to decide things for everyone. That crap is getting old. Thanks and happy gaming. Sincerely a girl gamer that is sick of social justice groups projecting and thinking for all of us.

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@goddesschild24: I actually agree, despite my very little love for skimpy armor.(In fact I've tried them and I've basically found very very few that I like)

Especially nowadays there are quite a variety of choices available. :)

Even though games are to take us to another world, we gamers end up contributing more to it. We do have more freedom in this regard(especially in PC gaming...mod making being the best example).

Where the devs do not succeed, we, the people, pick up the torch. :). I feel that in this regard, gaming has surely come a long ways.

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@goddesschild24: Go on girl I couldn't agree more

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@goddesschild24: i completely agree

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Would anyone please list the games featured in the video? Some seemed interesting.

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I agree, I'm done with skimpy boob armor. I want cool and useful looking power armor---flaming armor, spiked armor---we're not using boobs to hit the enemy.

Seems like a lot of wet blankets can't do fun without sexual objectification tho. I heard the same amount of whining when they finally did put a male character in skimpy armor---they back pedaled on THAT design fast. So whoever said stripping down male characters was the answer is full of shit.

It's past time everyone get to have their power fantasy regardless of their, or their character's, gender.

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@oedalis: gaming is an art so like art they should have the creative freedom to design whatever they want and if you don't like it then don't buy it your loss but in no way should any game be toned down because of poltical views or some people having issues dealing with their own sexuality and the human form besides its call a game and fantasy so in no means does it have to be realistic or resemble the body in realistic form. Also you ever stop to think that some may like skimpy and that pertains to both men and women in fact many men and women dress skimpy in real life and that's their right and considering sales of a lot of theses games obviously skimpy isn't an issue or even a factor in why they buy thes games so it's ok to have both skimpy and otherwise it's their right and you don't have to buy the product at the end of the day that's what ratings are for to let the buyer know.

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@toophat2014: gaming is art? Yeah no it's not least not anymore. We still have artistic games here and there but for the most part gaming has become strictly business and maximizing sells. Which also makes the comment about "creative freedom" laughable too.

Gamers always want to talk about how the media needs to leave devs alone and let them make what they want. News flash most of them never get to make what they truly want unless they're indie. They are always controlled by selfish gamers or their publishers.

This is just how it is now before the ps2 era ended developers had more freedom to do what they wanted now it all about doing what will help the game sell no matter what. If that means toning the game down to make more sells then it will happen if it becomes negative with the public because how the internet works now.

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@LightRukia: A publisher/development studio has the right the make what they want even if it's just to "sell" more games.

If they want to "tone" things down, then so be it.

There will always be multiple types of matter if SJWs/Anti-SJWs scream about.

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@vecha: no they don't have the right to always make they want unless they're indie developers and even then they still have a limit on what type of content they are allowed to create. You can't make a game where you can kill and molest little kids and use the "it's just a game" and expect it not to get banned in probably everywhere. You can't even have a movie TV show or book centered around something like that.

Of course people want throw around it's art like art shouldn't be criztize or changed at all no matter what it's portraying.

Developers though like I said unless they're indie don't have creative freedom to do what they want like naive gamers want to believe. Of course there will always be multiple types of games doesn't change the fact that developers have very little say so in how they're made.

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@LightRukia: "You can't make a game where you can kill and molest little kids and use the "it's just a game" and expect it not to get banned in probably everywhere." won't be sold in stores.

But they can still make it.

"Of course people want throw around it's art like art shouldn't be criztize(Criticized) "

And I didn't say people can't criticize games/art. Way to strawman.

"Developers though like I said unless they're indie don't have creative freedom to do what they want like naive gamers want to believe."

So....devs can make what they want...except when they have restrictions(publishers mainly).

What's your point? To strawman me and bring in extreme examples that do not prove me wrong?

They can make what they want...and have the choice to A.) Join a company that tells them what to do(they ARE employed) B.)Make an AO game and have it only be available online.

Again...they DO have the choice to do what they want(that includes publishers). You've even said it yourself.

Edited to add: I never said "always" either. Maybe next time don't put words into people's mouths?

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" won't be sold in stores.

But they can still make it."

Yeah that can still make it and loss tons of money and go out of business brilliant.

"And I didn't say people can't criticize games/art. Way to strawman."

You're calling people SJW as a insult, people can criticize games without being labeled a SJW or being told that they're "screaming" about something. The fact that you call it "screaming" means you feel that people shouldn't really criticize what a developer/publisher does because "it's their game and they can make whatever they want".

"So....devs can make what they want...except when they have restrictions(publishers mainly).

What's your point? To strawman me and bring in extreme examples that do not prove me wrong?

They can make what they want...and have the choice to A.) Join a company that tells them what to do(they ARE employed) B.)Make an AO game and have it only be available online."

It's not a strawman it's telling you simply how a SUCCESSFUL business runs. You can make whatever game you want. If you honestly want true freedom then you better be just making games as a small side hobby and not as business to make money. My point is that while they can WILLFULLY make whatever game they want they LOGICALLY can't if they want to make good money for their business and stay in business.

"Again...they DO have the choice to do what they want(that includes publishers). You've even said it yourself."

Yeah they have 2 choices don't make money in favor of having complete freedom and discarding completely of what the public might say or do or make games within reason so they won't get banned and loss out on money.

I'd love to see you make a game and also have the fans love the gameplay characters etc. Make a sequel to it and completely change everything then the fans get angry but you tell them to shut up because you can make whatever game you want. You make your "free will" game and loss out on tons of money because very few people wanted it because you decided to change it but hey at least you were able to waste time making the game YOU wanted and not caring about pubic opinions at all. The only thing that matters is what YOU want to make.

"Edited to add: I never said "always" either. Maybe next time don't put words into people's mouths?"

Umm you pretty much did as you said yourself game developers can make whatever they want period. You didn't need to put in always because it's not like you said game developers and publishers can make whatever they want except maybe this.

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@oedalis: Well... we could quite simply have both. More variety of armors. More choices of weapons. More customization. More of everything. It makes this narrow-minded complaint less of an issue when you (be it male or female) can simply choose.

......Buuut now that I think about it...this IS 2016. We're not back in the old Runescape or MapleStory years where we just have to deal what's there to wear for our class/race. I'm surprised that GameSpot didn't venture to show these possibly reasonable costumes. ...But that would mean there would be a rift in their review... How about that?

Two of the games that flashed quickly on the questionable review is Tera and Black Desert. True, they got some scantly clad outfits...for both genders (if they have a gender). Black Desert is not as horrid as they portray their costumes to be. In fact, alot of the general armor is kinda bland. You gotta go do some heavy playing to get the extravagant ones. Tera is notorious of their devil-like race being the icons for seduction. Even so, there are definitely armor that you can wear at any level without worry of stat issues. You can simply register it... as a costume! See? Choices! The thing I mentioned before.

This is one of many ways how MMOs make their money anyway; costumes for a price. Not into MMOs but have a PC, I'm pretty darn sure there are mods out there if it's not already options on the game itself.

You strike me as a person who mean well, but don't be fooled. GS is not being fully honest to you. Nowadays variety is REQUIRED to fill the fantasy of many out there. And the devs know that; so much that they're turning a profit. Furthermore, you can't speak for all the ladies as I can't speak for all the guys. There are some out there who just might want to see some boobs. I mean...there are girls who like that sort of thing, right? So, we just need more variety....and relax to enjoy the game. In fact I'm gonna play one right now after this.

Stay cool.

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@belle_liu: I completely agree that variety is what's needed! As a female gamer I like the option of having my character wear slutty armor if I want him/her to depending on the type of character they are. Not all people have the same personality and neither do all characters. There -are- real women out there with -natural- curves and I'm proud to say I'm one of them. I think maybe a lot of female gamers protest skimpy armor because they aren't comfortable in their own skin or want to be the object of everyone's attention and the only hen in the hen-house. To those women I say "grow up". It's not all about you and don't limit yourself to boring outfits/armors. Your characters are your chance to be someone new and daring, there's nothing wrong with walking on the wild side in a revealing outfit now and again. On the subject of variety it would be great if there were more sexy male outfits available and cutesy ones too. There's no reason we can't all have what we want.

In the end we all just need to keep an open mind and be happy with what we get and not be so greedy and/or selfish.

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@belle_liu: thank you that is my main point. The witcher 3 for instance had the more covered up outfits and then they had a dlc that gave more revealing outfits. I agree with that. My problem is with women who say thinks like fem shepards dress in mass effect 3 was too slutty and I'm here thinking the dress was knee length and didn't show any cleavage and that is slutty or that the female characters are too curvy when I know women including the women in my family that are extremely curvy naturally but that it a problem because supposedly that doesn't exist. I mean like I said in my above comment think thing that devs should try to have both types for everyone to be happy. Not to mention I think it should be more based on the female characters personality then what she is wearing or looking a like. Because if she is dressed like a nun and acting like a hooker then I'll think that's worse that in she is showing off her body free and proud but will be a strong character that says damn that one tough bitch no matter if she's showing breasts. I totally agree with your comment. I just prefer for my female character to look sexy and like a bombshell not the guy I'm hanging out with or dating. Variety is the spice of life but sadly the world doesn't see it that way. Thank for your comment I agree with it a lot

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@demonicdoll2002: her dress wasnt slutty just ugly

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@xninjagrrl: Believe it or not some girl said it was slutty

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@demonicdoll2002: the funny part is when some say oh that's unrealistic one its doesn't have to be realistic it's a game and fantasy after all and two I know many women and men who like to dress skimpy and slutty in real life so how is that not realistic lol this all makes me laugh really it's a product so either buy it or don't that's is why there are many different types and choices to choose from and devs and designers have every right and the creative freedom to create what they like or want it's up to consumer to choose if they want the product or not and not try and restrict their creative freedoms just because of their own beliefs or poltical views.

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@toophat2014: Oh I know a girl that dresses so skimpy that you could see the next time she'll give birth from how small her outfits are. Plus skimpy doesn't mean slutty you could be skimpy and look good. I really sad that this argument is going on. I want a bad ass bitch shows her stuff and whopping ass but that's me. I absolutely agree with you.

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@oedalis: Personally I think women should request to have alternate costumes for characters not try to change the complete way things have been. Cause like I said in my comment which you commented on some of us like the scantily clad outfits. So there is no reason that people who do like it those scantily clad and sexy looking characters not to have those types of costumes. What I do think is funny is that women don't want to be objectified or seen as sexual beings yet now a days most women are getting boobs jobs butt jobs and wearing clothes so small that would make a hooker blush and if not we have the other extreme that forgot they are women and want to look like men. Well hell why don't they make male characters in heels showing off their asses. Trust me if be all for it. Plus not every woman is the same their are women who cover up and there are women who don't. I think their should be both types to make everyone happy. Cause I have known women who don't like to show if off and I have known those who say it took their mamas nine months to make so they show it.

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@demonicdoll2002: well said that's life different strokes for different folks you want variety period gaming is just another form of art anyways and it's not like there are real live women in video games like if this was a movie anyways no one is being mistreated here either way.

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1) Do you really think women haven't?

2) Being acknowledged as a fully faceted being with sexual aspects is nowhere near being sexually objectified. In the former situation, that person has agency. In the latter, they are acted upon, not having any power themselves. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

3) What I think is funny is that you think you know what "most women" do or that you don't know that boobs and butt jobs are an offshoot of an industry that makes money by telling women that their only true value is in being beautiful and that they aren't beautiful enough.

4) Apparently you are also incomprehending in the face of female agency, women being people, making their own decisions, dressing and acting how they like, rather than according to some Madonna/Whore dichotomy of your preference. Like really, it isn't just a choice between stripping or wearing a habit.

5) Women aren't here to please you or "make everyone happy", they are here to please themselves.

As to why they don't make male characters in heels showing off their asses---I don't believe you to be so naive as to be ignorant of what transmisogyny is and how such a character would be as vehemently reviled by male gamers as the idea of just LESS skimpy armor.

While women should have the choice of how they dress themselves without the commentary of men, here is a woman who has expressed that she is tired of the scads of skimpy and boob armor in games and wants something better and here you are in the crowd of people dogpiling her. So don't try to play it off like you're here for everyone.

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@oedalis: oh shit......the agency of pixels is important!

Stop killing our young pixeled men. And making whores of our pixeled womyns!

Oh! The humanities!(that's not a typo.)

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@oedalis: but he is in fact many people feel the way he dos and it's not like he lied about the reality of men and women everywhere in fact there are examples in real life of what he said. Bottomline gaming is a form of art so it should be treated as so and art can be interpreted and used in many way both realistically and fantasy wise and that's what we are dealing with here when it comes to video games not real life or reality.

Bottomline everyone has different tastes and needs and want different things so when it comes to gaming they should be able to provide that if they want to they have that right it's up to us to decide if we want it and will buy it if you don't it's simple don't buy it and if enough people feel the same way trust me they won't design or develop this same type of game but if millions do then obviously whatever you may feel it is an issue obviously isn't and people are obviously more grown up and smarter then to let something that clearly isn't an issue bother them and obviously more of an issue to women in real life who have low self esteem who can't dress slutty because it wouldn't suit or fit them period more likely.

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@oedalis: First of all women don't please in any way shape or form for your FYI since I prefer the company of men. Second of all women constantly objectify themselves and as a gay man who hangs out with a bunch and I do mean a bunch of women they are constantly looking to use their bodies to get what they want rather than their minds. On top of that women are also criticizing characters having curvy body cause according to them women don't have those curves. Maybe they should get to know some Latina women who have curves like small waist big hips and ass like my mother and it's all natural. One top of that women are not told that big breasts and asses is beautiful because most women look at fashion magazine and being a carpenters dream which is flat all over is the in thing. Plus just cause they get their breast a size D from a B doesn't mean the have to wear clothes so low cut that you can see their navel. So look at a magazine and go to a club and tell me that women don't want to be sexualized.

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@demonicdoll2002: if your female friends are using their bodies to get ahead in life perhaps you need to increase your standards. Ive maybe known 2 or 3 females like this throughout my entire life.

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@xninjagrrl: I know tons some aren't even my friends they are just women I know of

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Do you believe that all skimpy outfits (bikinis) and of course nudity need to be removed from all Hollywood movies, TV shows and novels as well?

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@Rufus_the_rat: Typically female actors don't spend the entire film time in bikinis or nude. Unless you're thinking of porn.

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@oedalis: Actually there have been movies where the female characters are more than half naked and it's not porn

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@oedalis: this isn't a movie or real life it's video game either way their are no real people involved for most part it's mostly paper, pencils, and computers it's more of an art then anything and should be treated and looked upon in the same light do you may like it or hate it's simple don't look at it or buy it.

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Almost didn't even bother watching the video when I read that skimpy armor needs to go away in the description. I clicked the video and heard a female narrator, then I was like, "Okay, I'm done. Go **** yourself." I'm a guy, and I like skimpy armor. Don't want me having my skimpy armor? Too bad. Don't play my kind of games. Simple as that.

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@Neo_Sarevok: Or maybe there can room for alternatives for a change.

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@oedalis: There are. Look harder.