Gaming's Most Controversial Character Redesigns In 2 Minutes

Lucy and Cam chronicle some of gaming's most egregious character redesigns. Seriously, some of these are truly awful.

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i know this is stupid to ask...but

Which Dante do the ladies prefer...???

i wonder...?

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i love both Dante's...

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I feel like I wouldn't like me if I met me...

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A character redesign I find to be curious is Master Chef (Chief) who somehow gets a new set of armor despite having no access to an armory, having been accidentally deported to the other side of the universe...

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The Sonic redesign I'm upset about is when they changed how he runs. When Sonic runs really fast HIS LEGS SPIN AROUND IN A LOOP, OKAY?!

leave your "yeah yeah, whatever grandpa" comments below =)

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Big F u Dantae teen!

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Being reminded how poorly Sonic has been treated of late, made me go back a replay Sonic 1 and 2 on the Mega Drive. Damn I forgot how great those games are, and the music is phenomenal. I think someone needs to put a report in with the Japanese version of the RSPCA, about Sega's treatment of this poor hedgehog.

It also got me thinking, that it would be cool if Mario Maker becomes a success, Sega should make a Sonic Maker, with the Sonic 1, 2 and 3 assets. Then we could finally return Sonic back to his glory days.

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Dante had a stupid haircut and pussified personality in DMC.
Ninja Theory is a good bunch of Devs marred by bad decision making.

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no master chief of halo 4?

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You guys are weird. I love it

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Lucy's a cutie.

Yup, I said it. Bring on the "Get laid, nerd" comments. I'm ready. Come at me, neckbeards!

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@InYourMouf: You're a cutie.

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"Gaming's Most Controversial Character Redesign" more like "hey trolls, we want to hear from you"... write some dumb shit below and make sure to bash each others opinions.

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The Dante redesign was sad but DmC Reboot was still fun nonetheless. Seeing Sonic just sucks all the air out of me now.

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@justbefahad: I would have been happier to have it that was Dante and Trish's son.

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You missed a big one: Bionic Commando.

Rad Spencer underwent two redesigns. He turned into a terrible Gears-of-War-on-an-off-day dude-bro in a bad game, then went back to his old design, but with an awful pornstache, for another bad game.

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Lucy, it always sounds like you're kinda shouting at us in your videos.

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@liamnich88: Maybe she's very passionate about what she's saying.

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@InYourMouf@liamnich88: maybe she is a large ham when acting

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@punkpunker@InYourMouf@liamnich88: Technically it's the difference in microphones. Voiceover mic is wayyy better than the radio ones for shooting the links. Also I shout

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DmC: is a good game unless your are a one of old Dante's groupies.

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@SingletreeAve: agreed.. i personal loved the old games but after giving the new one a chance, i really like what they did... I really like the new Dante now.

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... wait, what about Lara Croft 2013?

Bunch of fans consider that a failed cosplay

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"I feel pretty..."

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I thought Dante was great and hilarious. Some of the animations they did with him were just ridiculously well thought out and greatly executed. People don't even know what a douche or an "emo" person is. His personality was so far from being emo, it's not funny. Not really douche either. To the enemy yea, but that's the point.

I chalk this one up to UK development being lost on people in Americans.

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100% agree with the Sonic fiasco. Ugh..

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Crash Bandicoot



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Most of the time it's best to leave established characters alone......

like Master Chief, the armor didn't change that much through the series it was natural evolution but what they did to Dante was wrong, I'm not even a DMC fan and I think his original look was best.....I'd hate to see what a western studio would do to Samanosuke from Onimusha......

can't really argue any of these, spot on Lucy :]

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"Death threats": A child or overweight adult both unable or allowed to leave or fit through the front door.

I never take online death threats seriously. Still a crime i'm sure in some way, but still.

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@genjuroT: the big problem is the anonymity of it. you don't know who is making threats and if they're serious or not. It literally could be anyone.

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@koboldkabab@genjuroT: You're right, and it's completely wrong to make death threats in any way. I just wonder how many people in the history of the internet have ever followed through. I only know of those real murder shows where it was always a person the victim knew in real life and it was always related to love affairs. I put online death threats in the same category as someone calling childish names. Only special case for me would be if they revealed something they shouldn't know.

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I hated the Dante redesign at first but as I played DMC it didn't bother me any more. He was still a wisecracking badass and still had Ebony and Ivory/Rebellion.

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People need to get over the DmC Dante. It's a great game.

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I will be getting DMC 4. NO interest in EMO Dante at all. :-\

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As a fan of the original Devil May Cry series, I still think the DMC dante looks fine and the overall new design for the reboot was way better. The originals had way to much of that eastern vibe that a lot of other asian games have, and sometimes the original Devil May Cry series could be cringy is some aspects.

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Cam needs to be shown a Sexual Harassment in the Workplace video.

I think classic games like Sonic don't need character redesigns every game but reboots like Tomb Raider or Devil May Cry need to do something to differentiate themselves from the previous set of games.

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"I feel pretty" - Seb Ford, 4/22/2015

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LOL, that ending... Cam...

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I hated the new look for Dante, but death threats.... A bit harsh don't you think?

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Those transformations had me laughing a bit too loud :D

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I knew Cam was in love with himself but.......come on!!!

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They should have been wearing the same black dress!

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@ggsimmonds: Didn't want to stretch it :(

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its ok cam i love myself too

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It's amazing just how far the Sonic franchise has fallen. It only ever really worked in its Sega Genesis era form, which is too dated to ever be a AAA franchise now.

It is a terrible idea to dye your hair if you won't bother touching up the roots when needed.

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@youre_a_sheep: Roots are deliberate, yo

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