GameSpot's Most Cherished Childhood Games

Jess chats to a bunch of GameSpot staffers to find out which well-loved games from their childhood they like to revisit every couple of years!

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Aladdin was such a great game. This brings back nice memories!

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Probably cliche, but Super Mario World is the only early game I can think of that I go back to every chance I get. (Until they rerelease Captain Quazar! :P)

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Duke Nukem 3d is i'll game I gravitate towards about once a year. The gameplay and remembering where all the secrets are is addicting to me.

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Playing Quest For Glory back when it was Hero's Quest also got me into Hero's Quest which was a gateway drug to Warhammer

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@snugglebear: Hero's Quest board game was pretty solid.

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@Yosh_24: It was my all time favorite game. Same designer created Descent: Journeys in the Dark, which is also amazing.

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@snugglebear: I heard that was awesome too...I need to play that now! I had no idea it was the same creator. Thanks for the heads up :)

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I loooooved the Quest for Glory games back in the day. I played them so much and maxed out each character to bring on to the next Quest for Glory game. I still have the original "Hero's Quest" copy before Sierra was forced to change the name due to copyright issues...fack I'm old haha

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Majora's Mask for me. I'm usually not great at making decisions like this, but the way I see it there really is no better game on Earth.

It didn't sell great because a lot of people immediately dismissed it because of one little mechanic, but from the people I actually ask, it left a deeper imprint on their lives than Ocarina ofTime ever could.

That game channels all the strength and grace of an ocean to strip away everything you pretend to be and leaves you a child again, clean and bare.

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Member FF tactics? TG Cid FTW!

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@beirutchamp: Maaaannn, he straight up breaks the final quarter of the game. Sooooo powerful haha I love it :P

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If I have to pick just one, it's got to be Secret of Mana. There are so many games I like to revisit every now and then.