GameSpot's Best of 2009 - Special Achievement Winners

Find out our special achievement winners in the Best of 2009 Awards!

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    assassin's creed 2 should have won the best original music

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    AmazedTony123 you really dont know what a great game is

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    i have seen better games but the version i was playing was russian

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    I've never heard of the 50 cent game before

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    This games is verrrrrrrrry odd

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    So many people underestimate how many great games aren't made by the US.

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    "Hey guys, wouldn't it be cool if we made up awards so we could give them to Grand Theft Auto?"

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    go beatles

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    [This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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    Why was L4D in the compeditive section?

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    It actually got pretty funny towards the end. I'm kinda impressed o_o

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    yusuf is a dork! why is he even there?!?

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    Killzone 2 and Demon Souls make me want a ps3 really bad lol.

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    protoype is one hell of a game why it is not nominated for achievments

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    [This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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    yusuf is great :o

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    uncharted is better but that would be expected, demons souls isn't better but it's game of the year cuz it's innovative

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    uncharted 2 is better tha demon souls

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    also killzone 2 is way better than demon souls

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    i think that infamous should of been noinated for more than just 1 thing

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    "Most Surprising Game to make it past Aussie censors" And Prototype isn't violent at all... So Chinatown Wars has drugs. Big deal.

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    I never knew this 1 coming...

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    should be more videos

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    That's BS. Empire should have won best UK developed game.

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    This is a far more interesting and well done set of awards than the genre awards! Also a very good introduction to some games that you wouldn't have ordinarily have heard of or gone near. Well done GS.

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    I hope the next gta has a chainsaw and all the crazy stuff of San andreas.

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    @CAPMILLER8324 MW2 was so boring. The campaign is extremely short its only 3 acts long. Specops is not as good as Nazi Zombies. The campaign is STILL super linear. No bullet wounds and no gore THAT MADE THE LAST cod w@w SO FUN. I dont know why its even rated M. GTA4 is the best modern game series.

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    hey moonknght24 u know nothing about gaming so really shut up also batman is okay but MW2 is wayyyyy better inffamus sucks and killzone 2 is pretty good but GTA 4 is the best game ever

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    @bush-boi, i dont give a **** mate, BatmanAA beats MW2 in every way as well:|

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    it was the end of the 2009 year winners boishock was biggining of the 2010

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    I'm sorry maybe there's something I don't know....(probably how it is). But was there like some time limit of what games released could be voted on..because Bioshock 2 wasnt on this. Can anyone tell me why?

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    Infamous is a really great game:D

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    BATMAN Arkham Asylum for.. the... WIN!:D Uncharted 2 is an awesome game! why did they pic GTA:BGT its so dumb!?

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    @bush-boi thats your opinion and i respect that man;)

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    nah mate, mw2 much better than killzone 2

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    killzone 2 FTW

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    Brutal Legend is a fun game but if your not into heavy metal you wil only hate it. at batman when you have been cap by joker and and all the gards are in jail well that momment was a real shocking momment

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    by the way i see that there is no xbox exlusive game which is winner...

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    Killzone 2, GTA and PS3 are all overrated. At least give MW2 one award. Nevermind, half of them lost to GTA and Killzone 2. Seriously GTA, Saint's Row 1 and 2 are just as good if not better. PS3, it is obviously overrated because Sony finds a way to put out a good word like how they compared the PS2 to the 360 . Killzone 2 would have been better if they made it for all consoles. And MW2 is better than that... More people play MW2 than Killzone 2. Alot more. I'm not a Call of Duty bandwaggoner.. I've played since the original one on the PC.

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    Man it sucks that most of the good and wining games are only for consoles. It wuld be realy good if programers would think about it and make more games for pc as well as consoles because kill zone, 50 cent blood on the sand and for me now gears of war 2 are pretty good games and its a shame the are not made for pc.

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    cant believe dragon age didnt win best writing

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    what the hell?? Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 was nominated for "Best Use of a Creative License", but also for "Worst use of a Creative License"? Way to go Gamespot =)

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    Am I one of the few people who don't like GTA? Am I missing the picture here?

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    Assassins Creed 2 didnt win best music?! Whats up with that man?! :(

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    im goin to try batman

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    What I was REALLY suprised at is how Dragon Age wasn't even included for nominations for best voice acting.