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@goodbye77 i am indonesian, why ???

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the reson i'm going to buy it is because of it's story the gameplay id really boring and has no excitement

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London would be amazing

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Definitely feudal Japan. Assassin's are almost ninja in their abilities.

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i love assassin creed franchhise and i cant wait for another one.... did i hear correctly that they are making another assassins creed or did i hear wrong? if they are, i am going to get up and sttart dsancing because this frachise is ONE of my favorites.... not left alone other games as well. i love other games as well but this frachise is my favorite... keep up the terrific work guys......

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You know what I want the game to go to next? France, who dosn't want to kill frenchies shouting stuff you can't understand as you chase them around paris with a pistol?

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@kkxtrouble, yeah you are right brazil is seen as an awfull country, which is not, sure it as its share of problems but its still developing... yeah thats something that annoys me immensely, when people simply think that every Spanish name fits a Portuguese (or any one who speaks Portuguese) among other cultural-based mistakes... but whatever...im just glad i found someone on Gamespot who shares my view on AC xD

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@Claudiov1_0 I bet this will be the way. There is no way to avoid mentioning portugal if they go to the 1500-1600 period. Brazil is only mentioned when the subject is urban guerrilla, and weirdly enough every brazilian character in gaming has a spanish name...and blanka is not even brazilian...he is american...

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the next one in the series should be in england

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@kkxtrouble yes you are completely right, Vasco de Gama arrived in India in 1498, after departing in 1497 from Portugal, and yes i do believe that there is a strong possibility that AC will at least mention the Portuguese Empire, in a way, I think it makes perfectly sense, and while I'm not very proud of our recent history, I am extremely proud of our past accomplishments. Spain is also a strong possibility, but if the game takes on a more asian\indian approach, the Portugal is impossible to ignore, by the 1500's we owned half of the world, the "Better half" which allowed us to include both India and Brazil(xD through the Tordesillas treaty)... But all in all i hope we see at least a reference from my country in the next game.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Enough with AC bring on Prince of Persia with new story and character.Make it a extremely dark world even darker than warrior within.

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DAREDEVIL6916 this should be prince of persia?xD

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the response to kevin question i would like the next ac series to be in persia

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In response to where the next game should take place- narratively speaking, I think AC3 should just dive right in to Desmond's modern day story- parkour running around a recreation of modern day New York City would be thrilling. Though it would be neat if they had a limited flashback system in a historical city; perhaps the way Altair's missions occurred in Revelations, but with a bit more frequency and freedom.

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Well done Kevin! Infromative, interesting and concise! I'd love to see more of this type of video on here. Precisely the kind of thing I can send to people who keep making the argument that "games are just for kids" to me. You should be proud of this.

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That's the spirit of an editor. I'm impressed. This info. is quite significant for guys like me who are deep into the intense storyline of this game. Good work Kevin.

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i brought this the same day as skyrim and i havent touched it yet lol im just hooked on skyrim

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@sma3 you indo? lol. Nice video; very informative.

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i want the next AC take place in bali just rquesting

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oh,i see

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AC has always explored religious themes during periods of theological importance, hence the god from the machine endings. Obviously, the Trojan War would be an awesome tie-in with the Apple of Edin (Judgement of Paris), but I don't see them going there. I think the French Revolution, or Napoleonic Wars will be next. Nice video, no juvenile wise cracks. More Please!

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No, the creator of the game even said that it will take place in present day US and have to do with the end of the world, apocolyptic 2012 date.

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Next is almost certainly going to be china, hence the introduction Shao Jun and her story in AC:Embers.

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Though I love it, Revelations has been my least favorite of all the AC, only because I'm not very familiar with the architecture of Constantinople. Climbing some mosque I've never heard of pales in comparison to climbing the landmarks of Italy that I've actually studied.

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I believe that this time there will be no traveling back. We are going to be Desmond. Sounds cool, for me.

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You brought up the obelisk from ancient Egypt as a landmark...I would love the series to go there. I don't think any game has ever tried a successful recreation of ancient Cairo, and the Assassins creed games, with their heavy emphasis on historical fiction, would be perfect.

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im not sure but i think that the next AC will be in China

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Thanks for this great video!

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Assassin's Creed is really enjoyable put my only complaint is the online can give you a hard time. I am not saying it's bad I am just saying people gets angry and sometimes frustrated of online some people gets killed out of no where and people are just buying the game just for the campaign it is a good game and all but online and be cheap for some people

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Assassin's Creed is really enjoyable put my only complaint is the online can give you a hard time. I am not saying it's bad I am just saying people gets angry and sometimes fruastruated of oline some people gets killed out of no where and people are just buying the game just for the campaign it is a good game and all but online and be cheap for some people

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I want its time for the assassins....to go BACK TO THE FUTURE! Haha but no I would love some future, galactic secret assassinations, I am tired of the same old brown and dusty, I was neon and white ships, climb and explore things that expands my imagination. Not something I live with everyday or read about it every day.

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I could picture the next chapter taking place during French revolution or the american civil war...

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France would be nice during the Napoleonic Wars/French Revolution in the early 1800s. They can include other locations in Europe like Russia, England and Italy as they where also involve.

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great brittain in the 1600's

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France's Versailles, at least for a mission or two, like they did with... *spoiler* the templar cave *spoiler*...

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thank u for this information

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The video is great, very nice places to see.

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I want next AC in china :)

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Ubisoft took revelations to the once capital of world's global empire, Ottoman Empire... Where East really meets West.. Amazing job! There were only 3 real empires during the history though, that are Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire... If it stands up as a superpower, they may make a assasin's creed game in DC, may be in 100 years time :)

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Great Travelogue Kevin, it gives lots of nice historical information. Istanbul is a very nice place visit but not to live :)

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I think the next city should be Paris, during the French Revolution.

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Jerusalem is one of the centers of the Christian world. We visited it in AC1. Rome was once the center of the world and we went there in ACB. Constantinople is Nova Roma, we were there. Next? London or New York City.

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Most likely it'll be Desmond and modern day for AC 3, after all it is supposed to be tying in with the end of the world next year. It would be very difficult to do an AC game in the Orient. The Assassins were an Arabic order and imo it would be pushing it to give Desmond Japanese or Chinese ancestors. Maybe in AC 4 when Desmond's story is finished.

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wonderful city of choice.

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I was born and lived in Istanbul for 15 years, it's a beautiful city even though having the problems associated with rapid city growth due to heavy migration. But the city center must be visited once at least, the sprawling Bosphorus scenery is magnificent. As Napoleon once said: "If the Earth were a single state, Constantinople would be its capital."

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AC Revelations is bore game. lol