GameSpot Says Goodbye To The Lobby

After almost 4 years of our weekly video game hangout, we've decided to move onto something new.

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The Lobby
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Mike Mahardy's version of "more conversation" is to talk about himself. Mahardy should leave GameSpot, not the Lobby. Give it to Chris Brown and Goodbye Mahardy! Here's to your horrible, self-centered and completely over-self important contribution to gaming where you've brought the peaks of content by Danny, Lucy, Cam, Seb, Chris and Jess down to pure and utter narcissistic crap.

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The lobby is the only thing I watch on gamespot... well bye I guess? R.I.P

Hopefully you're going to be doing the same thing and just pretending it's a new idea and renaming it.

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Just don't mash it into a movie/pop culture/generalist thing. We visit you for game news. Don't forget your roots.

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Bummer... My Wednesdays just got less interesting

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That Sucks Gamespot!!!! Way to start off 2018.....