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This was awesome. Make more "tournament of ages"!!

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@xdeathpandax.................................I agree - TOTAL PANTS

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i love old video games from there to nows :)

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Well that was disappointing I was expecting some awesome skillz! I played better than that when I was 8!

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@jsalisbury10 your comment reminds me of my favorite drinking game from college... it's called drink and drive...you set up a 4p game of MK64, everyone's got a beer. by the end of the race you have to finish your beer, and you can't drive as you drink, so you've got to put the controller down. and obviously the winner stays on, and the other guys rotate out. good times!! p.s. i agree...for being video game reviewers and what not, they reallllllly suck hard. c'mon gamespot...is this the best you have to offer!!!??

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The coins make you go faster.

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Are you kidding me? I played this game for ages and I can assure you that these players are really bad...!

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they would have asians play this game.

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These guys are awful. But not nearly as bad as the commentary and their constant slagging of both Mario Kart SNES and MK64.

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It hurts just watching these guys play because they are terrible. I wish I knew about this and got to compete, If these are the semi-finalists, I would be the top winner for sure. I'm not even exaggerating, These guys SUCK balls. REALLY. Well, except Tom McShea... he's not bad, but that should be expected.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Anyone else expect the asians to win?

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Its cool that they did this. It brings me back.

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They forgot to mention the part where everyone in this tournament is stone cold drunk.

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whos the guy at 8:38 on the right he is pretty hot.

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I admit that drifting in this game was a little bit more difficult but come on these guys are BAD

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I played this game when I was 9, and haven't played it since. I'm pretty sure I can still beat both these guys. THEY SUCK!.

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How is this a final? These players are Bad.

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Man, its more that a little depressing to realize this game will be turning 20 later this year.

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@Max_Wulong I promise you Shaun McInnis isn't gay I think he's married? I know he has a girlfriend, at least. He is hillarious, regardless, and he & mr. Watters make the perfect duo!

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@TomMcShea I forgot about that. Man, Ninty needs to step up & give you guys a better way to capture, or more of those devices (as I know y'all had to improvise forever, lol). Nice job on the sweep, though.

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Im with dladz, those 2 guys SUCKS

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As someone who didn't play the SNES Mario Kart until fairly recently, I can say with some certainty that only nostalgia could possibly lead anyone to say it's the best. What possible alternative rationale could lead to that conclusion? McShea deserved the win though.

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Seriously i would smash the pair of these fellas, why are they in any of the rounds lol? Gamers have gotten weak by the looks of things, the best character for any of the courses is donkey kong, can not be beaten in time trial and if you can handle the drifts and the speed then you can't be beat. On another note and to back up my theory, download a spectrum emulator and see if you can play all the way through Farenheit 3000 only losing 15 lives, we did this on our speccy at home back in the 80's, we had a lot more time on our hands then but the games were seriously harder, no save points, no continues, just lives, you and the game. In comparison, i've completed every cod game in the first day of playing it? Point made, rant over.

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oooo wow!!! the origonal

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It will never be the GS of old, but it's nice to see GameSpot still trying to make quality, original video content.

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the smaller dude commenting the games HAS to be gay

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No surprise McShea won. Crazy trophy though.

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Super Mario Kart is the best Mario Kart ever, no competition. With Mario Kart 64 in second place.

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No, it's true. I spent a whole summer playing this game with my friend back in the day, I got really good at it. McShea is really good at this game, but the other three are pretty bad. Heck we busted out the SNES at a party a couple months back and I went undefeated in this game. Some of us are still pretty darn good, I loved this game I still think its the best Mario Kart.

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Bear in mind that they had to play 4 different types of Mario Kart within the space of an afternoon and so get used to different control styles each time. Most of you saying that you could beat them are probably wrong.

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wow. these guys suck. I could beat them.

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After Tom's first race it was very obvious he would win. Congratulations!

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Yikes! These guys are awful! I remember when my friends and I would play this game for hours just trying to beat each others best times. Anyway, this classic is easily the best and most memorable kart game.

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They do really play bad :S is like they lose on purpose O.o

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I think Gamecube Mario Kart is the best ever.

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Mario Kart WII is the best Mario Kart ever.

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@TomMcShea fantastic racing man! Super Mario Kart still remains my favorite Mario Kart of all time as well, and up there with my favorite games of all time too.

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It hurts me just watching them play

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Apparently everyone that owns a GS account is better than these "noobs." Looks like we have some Web Warriors on our hands...

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I'm sure those guys never played a racing game in their entire lives... and if they've played, they are REALLY bad. McShea won because he have a little notion of Mario Kart, it's not because is a super racer. Anyway, funny video.

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OH! GOD! Sorry Guys.. Noobs Playing Super Mario Kart. Super Mario Kart(SNES) is the Best Kart Game Style. at this level of players, I can win this tournament easily

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what about challenging the gamespot champion with an online turnament against users??? I'll give him a run for his money...

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@twztid13, We only have one capture device for the 3DS, and I don't even think it allows us to play online. So the only way we could have captured footage for the portable games would be to have a camera man leaning over someone's shoulder while they played. Kind of stinks that we had to cut them, but it was the only way this tournament could have worked.

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Why are we losing our precious time watching this terrible video. Very bad, I really thought it was a true tournament, not a stupid video with some random guys that never ever played mario kart.

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Hey Tom, how about you stop winning trophies with that kind of tournament, and start learning how to play Skyward Sword instead. It's never too late.

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Correction: Tom McShea knows how to play the game, seems he really played it back then at the Super NES, the other 3 are the horrible ones that never played it before. ;)

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@ChadFromCanada No, the game isn't very hard to play, they are horrible players. This way they would never survive one single race at the 150cc category on the game. @kidnick01 You got it totally right man, perfect description of what happenned there haha @mlozano_88 No man, they're horrible indeed. They hit the walls in every turn, they would never finish the game playing like this...

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I thought you all said Mario Kart 7 would be in this? Major disappointment :(.