Gamescom 2011: F1 2011 - Developer Diary

This developer diary showcases the F1 2011 gameplay improvements for both car handling and the game's AI.

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looks good!

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This is looking better than last years terrible effort. Looks like theirs more simulation in the way the cars work,suspension, tyres, down force. I notice how the front wing bends as the car bumps the curb in the video.

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Can't wait to Try my hands on this

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@ sambob530 so which means they are putting effort on servers ? nice coz everytime i wanna play multiplayer in f1 2010 i cant find the players. :(:( cant wait to play multiplayer in 2011 and also if driver can modify his car, choose components etc etc then its gonna be wow ;)

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What about blown defuser rule?

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f 2010 was a disaster at corners and they talk about realism ha

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@kleem Good news, that's one of the things Codemasters are making a big change to this year :D

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Codemasters sure as hell know how to do sequels... EA TAKE NOTE

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the best game so far both 2010 f1 and this new one ;)

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can't wait for this one, and please make one every year, wanna play multiplayer so put some more effort on server thing.

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Just hope they fix Monoco, that track should come with a seizure warning. The are from the swimming pool to the S/F line are almost hard to watch its so choppy. That seems to be the only track that has that issue (must be all the bulidings and stuff around the track)

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I will mos def be picking up this one.. I wish it was out now! DRS and Kers boost per lap just makes this even more mouth watering!

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looking great - can't wait to give it a go :)

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can't wait, effects are pretty good again! let's see if it gets more tactical than the first one

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looks great