Gamer's Gift Bag: The Games

GameSpot is back with the Gamer's Gift Bag with all the games everyone is asking for this holiday season.

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A lot of those were DNW

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Gets me into the Christmas spirit,

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For lego rock band it said rabbids go home.

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There were barely any wii games. Can't really blame them wii games usually aren't very good unless its mario or metroid prime. Excite trck was fun too

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hei its cool ya

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They sure breezed through the fantasy games.

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um lego rockband said rabbits go home as well

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should i get borderlands or halo 3 odst

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Oh yea....Naruto....seriously Gamespot?

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hold on itachi100 there are some games on here that are also for PC

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This video just goes to show that the world doesn't even care about PC gaming anymore... So, from now on, I will never buy a console game again; instead, if I want a damned console game, I'll illegally download them and play them on emulators. I refuse to let PC gaming die.

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hit the nails right on the head

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man he got everything perfect im getting like half of these soon anyway

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he made a mistake assassins creed 2 is not out yet for the pc. i still feel the left 4 dead was way better than 2 new super mario is awesome why did gamespot not include killzone 2 & dawn on war2

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i like GS new attitude of praising all games, even crap ones.

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imagine this chicken is you dinner, emm emm

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Amazing they forgot Demon Souls and Killzone 2!

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Where's the PC love?

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for lego rock band the subtitle said rabbids go home

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Already got Uncharted 2, Demon's Soul, Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, Infamous, Dragon Age, waiting on my shipped Bayoneta, and pre-ordered Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Edition.

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This Christmas I can only get one game. Right now my top picks (PC only) are AC2, COD6 and Sims 3. Everything Else does not seem THAT great. The thing about AC2 is the great Single Player That will be fun & lasting. The thing about COD 6 is the Multi-Player which wont be AC fun but in the long run will last and become more fun. The Sims 3, I'm just a huge Maxis fan and it would last but I already have #2 and my last FPS is Medal of Honor Allied Assault and my last adventure game... The hobbit - That was like 6 years back

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Infamous, Uncharted, Arkham Asylum and Brutal Legend, Cool Games! I want to get all of them this Christmas!!!

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Those are nice gifts!

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uncharted 2 for christmas! and yeah demon's souls should definitely be on this list.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Struggling to find enough good games to cover 9:15, so I see! I could have stopped watching at the 6:30 point.

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i want mw2, Assassin's creed 2, left 4 dead 2, batman arkham asylum and dj hero

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you forgot demon's souls!!!!!!

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7:11, rabbids go home?

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haha. they listed lego rock band as rabbits go home.

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Gamespot did it again, make me want to spend more money than i can aford on games. Great job putting these together=)

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i want uncharted 2, call of duty mw 2, assassins creed 2, and infamous for my wishlist

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no good games on wii

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best gmae on list uncharted 2 amoung theives

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koool vid keep it comin

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What was up with NfS Nitro? I haven't been tracking it, but that little clip looked really... immature?

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Oookay the bulls cant see any colors, its not the red that makes them angry, its the movement of the cape actually. So nothing its gonna happen to the dude lol. Sorry,its just a comment about the ad.

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They wrote Rabbids Go Home when it was Lego Rockband!

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did anyone notice the typo on lego rock band?

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I'll get NSMBW so I can learn my little brother to play Mario. He love's the character but never really played it, that's my resolution for 2010

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im looking forward to new super mario bros wii but im guna have to put it off till my birthday cuz my christmas list is full

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What about Demon's souls?

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Great video, I have nearly all them games, and they rock! Left 4 Dead 2 in particular. :D

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i wish i had LOOOOOOOTS of money right now :((

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lot of games aren't on the PC, thats sucks :(

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Oh and they forgot about Torchlight

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That song in the background went on too long...

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obvious recommended games, Call of duty 4 MW2, Left 4 Dead 2, Dragon Age: Origins, Street Fighter, Batman. Playing Dragon Age, and it's awesome. Batman was sick. L4D2 Is just addicting