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lol, I don't see a difference at all, epic fail for wii u again.

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@fester420 "I don't see a difference at all"

Either you're a typical Nintendo hater or you need a trip to the eye doctor.

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What'd you know, there's a graphical improvement from 1996's N64 to 2013's WiiU. Innovation! What a time to be alive.

I will definitely purchase a WiiU now. [bangs head on table]

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There is no doubt that Mario Kart 8 is truly gorgeous and deserves to be mentioned as one of the new generation's best looking games!

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I just remembered that I liked a lot this track on 64 because it had Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64 and I found that Easter egg awesome.... is it still there????

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Graphics haven't really improved all that much.... relax I'm kidding :P.

On a serious note, watching them side by side one might mistake the new game for actually just a remake, which is kinda sad. I know the course certainly is a remake, I'm talking about the gameplay. I'm gonna get killed :).

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Can't wait!!!!!!

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Looks fun, wouldn't buy a wii u for it but I'd definitely love to play it.

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@Gankstar_VX84 But that's kind of how it works. You buy the system that has games you want to play on it.

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@Gankstar_VX84 So buy a Wii U for it : )

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@metallinatus @Gankstar_VX84 That would be a waste of money.

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@themc_7 @gameroutlawzz Making a console with "Playstation" in the name is rehashing Playstation?

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@themc_7 @gameroutlawzz Yeah because Mario Kart and Super MArio are the same damn thing.

Also they do one per system, not one per year with the same graphics over the life of the console.

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@gameroutlawzz hahaha yearly rehashes? Does Nintendo even make games that don't feature Mario?

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@parabol69 @metallinatus @Gankstar_VX84 Says the Piece of Shlt 4/Shltbox one sellout sheep. Enjoy your HD interactive movies,cross-gen turds and yearly rehashes.

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want Want WANT!!!