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Ghost Recon Phantoms is horrible.

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The intro was funny. dropping kids lol.

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Don't forget "Left 4 Dead"!

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I thought shooters WERE the casual games?

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Or play a fighting game, arcade mode 4 to 10 minutes based on your skill level, time attack even quicker. Test your skills in survival, then go online. You can have several online matches in just a few minutes. If your good you can do all of them under 30 minutes.

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The best shooters for busy gamers is hands down COD and Titanfall. Those two games have causal written all over it.

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lol love that Bill Clinton mask on Payday 2 :D

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Is that.... Bill Clinton????

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Probably not the kind of game type, but Frozen Synapse.

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i used to game 24/7 but now, i don't have the time anymore :(

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counter strike has always been my pick

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Oh, so you don't have time to play? Here are some ONLINE games that require an absurd amount of dedication and training so then you will start having fun...

What a joke! Aside from Pay Day 2, i wouldn't recommend the other games to anyone short on time to play. And Left 4 Dead should be on that list.

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There are games for busy gamers like online shooters and games for passionate gamers like RPGs. Just don't try to mix them.

What I'm trying to say is: If you're a casual gamer, stay the f*ck away from my Child of Light.

Oh, and there's mobile games, which are sh*t.

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@leikeylosh Online Shooters could be for Passionate gamers , just like RPGs could be for busy gamers. However the may take long time finish the game but they will still enjoy it

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I played the free games (Warface and GRP) and they are both good. I prefer GRP more.

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Er... so these games may have short rounds, but don't they all still have a HUGE amount of unlockables (that you grind a long time for?). I was thinking more like Counter Strike or as another poster suggest, Insurgency if you're looking for a true no-commitment, no unlocked advantage kind of game.

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Ghost Recons Phantoms wasn't that good... Not at all.

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If you're too busy to play a shooter, than you're booking yourself way too short.

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Standby for Titanfall!

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You know who has no time for games? Al Pacino

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That makes no sense. Keep your job at the drive thru.

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I work behind your momma's ass. Also, go **** yourself.

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@PeterDuck Succinct.

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Suggesting two F2P games for people with no time?

How about Insurgency, where you can jump in and immediately have one of the most immersive and intense combat experiences found in a video game.

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Two words: Blacklight Retribution. Been playing it for 2 years, it's fast, the matches last up to 10 minutes and server list shows up instantly as you click on "play game". Great game, very underrated.

Oh and it's F2P :).

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I dunno man, I play one round of Titanfall then get super bored waiting like a minute and a half for the next round to start. Insurgency is my go to shooter when I have a quarter hour to spare.

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@wyshouldi02 I think Halo 3 had the worst transition lobbies, where sometimes it'd take over 5 minutes just to find another lobby (and begin that lobbies countdown), even when there were like 7 million people playing... could never figure that one out lol.

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Its more like 40 seconds per lobby. Even if it was a "whole minute and a half", that's sad that you think that's a lot of time. You might want to consider freeing up your schedule.

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I like Dead Trigger 2 on mobile for a quick shooter fix.

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Warface? I'd rather not play at all lol

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@Sevenizz For the same reason you troll anything that wasn't shit out by Microshaft ;-)

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Oh look, more Titanfall on the front page.

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oh I didn't know Warface had coop? Might high to try it, so I can still fund my hatred for F2P with some experience, or to tell you about how it is an exception (like TF2).

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Nice article, thanks.

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I just got Return to castle wolfenstein 75% off on steam. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Na, I quit.

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I thought all shooters were pretty good for busy people. What makes these shooters better for those with little time at their hands than say COD?

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@Sushiglutton Having to play COD.

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@AirDog80 @Sushiglutton

I thought moderators were like children with the whole "seen not heard" thing?

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@Gravity_Slave @AirDog80 @Sushiglutton You have come to a website with opinions.

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Team Fortress 2, much better than Plants vs Zombies and Loudout.

The gameplay is very diverse and fun.

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@realguitarhero5 @groowagon lol, guess EA did not think it through that 2 of their games would be in competition...
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what is this, all shooters are for busy schedules...people who are real gamers play RPGs...and on PC...

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Warning! PC snob alert!


No he doesn't speak for all PC gamers but he sure does act like the majority of them.

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@Gravity_Slavejust kiddin', no snob...but well, fact is PC is the most versatile platform (mods, different controllers, biggest amount of games), so just from a statistical point of view you are more likely to have more fun on the PC eventually than on any console IF you are willing to dive deep inside the platform...however, if you want to just get together with friends on a couch and have fun, consoles are a great way to go...not everybody would like to have gaming as their chief hobby which takes up all their free time, consoles are easier to get into considering the amount of fun you get out of them in a short time, especially when connected with friends...but if you are serious about making gaming your prime hobby on average you are better off with a PC, with game prices, mods and other stuff...

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@thorn3000 So unless a person games in exactly the same way as you they aren't gamers? Are all PC gamers as self centered as you?

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@Dannystaples14 so unless a person such as you can't take a joke does that mean nobody can take one? are all non-PC gamers as self-centered as you?

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@Dannystaples14 @thorn3000 yes, thorn3000 speaks for all pc gamers XD

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