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Game Of Thrones Series Finale Breakdown And Recap -- "The Iron Throne"

It’s all over. Join Lucy, Ryan, Dave, and Tamoor as they break down Season 8, Episode 6: The final-ever episode of Game of Thrones.

Well, Game of Thrones has finally come to an end. With the Season 8 finale episode, the show wrapped up most of the outstanding plotlines, including how the rest of the world reacted to Daenerys's destruction of King's Landing, and what ultimately happened to the Starks. We finally know who will sit the Iron Throne, whether they've broken the wheel, and what will become of the Seven Kingdoms. For the most part.

There's a whole lot to digest about the last episode, to say nothing of the rest of Season 8. Lucy, Ryan, Tamoor, and Dave are back to break everything down one last time in the video above. From the aftermath of the destruction of King's Landing to the often-emotional endings for each of the characters, we look at where the show has been and how it has finally come to its conclusion. It has been a long road, and things are certainly bittersweet, as promised, in the finale.

HBO isn't entirely done with Game of Thrones, of course. This Sunday will bring a two-hour documentary called The Last Watch that goes behind the scenes to show how the final season was made. And beyond that, it has extensive plans for Game of Thrones spin-off shows. Five were in consideration at one point, and while one apparently won't be moving ahead, at least one of them is headed toward a pilot. That show is set thousands of years before the show, however, so don't expect to see it providing any direct insight into the characters we already know and love.

We've got plenty more Game of Thrones finale coverage as well, like an explanation of what happened in the end and a look at a familiar face who appeared at the Large Council meeting who you might not have recognized. We also have a theory that Season 8 would make a lot more sense if Bran Stark was evil--and one about how the ending might shake out differently in the books.

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I was reading all the comments and one person said Dan I didn't change but they were wrong !!!Dan I did kill a lot of people but always to help the people who couldn't help their self.But in the end she killed those same people which showed major change.I believe the show should have gone 2 more episodes would have been better and not so rushed,but the only main problem I had with the ending was where did Drago take Danyres??????

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Now that I am finally caught up, I can finally come to Gamespot and complain about the Daenerys video headline for episode 5. Flippin’ huge spoiler, asking the question if her action is characteristic of her. That implies she does something very Mad King-like since she hasn’t exhibited that quality in the past. I learned my lesson that Gamespot spoiled other episodes with their poorly thought out or not thought out at all GoT article titles, so I had stopped coming to this website after episode 4 and I got that dumb article in an email. Good job at spoiling another episode again, gamespot! >:(

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It's over. For better or worse it is done and I'm sad to see it leave our screens but what a journey it's been.

Whilst some are unhappy with the ending I can't say the same, it felt fitting for what had gone before even if some things seemed stilted or even swept under the carpet.

Daenerys' overthrow of King's Landing and sudden demise felt fitting for her story arc. In her desire to take what she considered hers by birthright she succumbed to the power of ruling over others and ultimately lost the Game of Thrones. Some felt that her turn to tyranny was too sudden but she had been through many ordeals which sent her into the spiral of insanity resulting in the razing of a whole city. She had suffered mental torment at the hands of her brother, rape by Drogo after which she accepted as her husband and was then turned on by the Dothraki after he died. Ill mental health doesn't always show over a period of time, there can be a catalyst which results in erroneous and sudden behaviours known as psychosis and, for me, that is what occured. Why others didn't foresee or accept this from the writing is beyond me, she had long been heading towards this path with an attitude of "join us, the downtrodden, or die" and went from the persecuted to a tyrant herself.

Jon heading into the wilds of the North beyond the wall also seemed acceptable if not wholly satisfying but then he never wanted to rule. The wildlings accepted him for who he was and what he did for them and, in my mind, this would eventually make him a King beyond the wall of sorts. Nothing coming of his true lineage was frustrating though and what was one of the finest characters was judged by a subordinate and resulted in his expatriation. (D&D, please!)

Arya's story also had imperfections but I can't fault what happened in the end. Her list was something she formulated whilst young and impetuous and with her maturity (and guidance from The House of Black and White) she realised that it wasn't always important to kill her targets immediately or have them die by her own hand. There were a few homages to Assassins Creed in the final season of GoT for her as well (or at least it seemed so). Here's to hoping that her journey is one we see in the spin-offs.

Sansa could well have been the one to take Westeros into a new era of civilisation but Bran was a fitting candidate to rule as well. I guess. 😶

I hope Sansa knows that she will be required to pass judgement on crimes and to pass the sentence herself as her father preached though. The Queen in The North!

Tyrion seemed to get let off the hook by comparison to Jon's estrangement and, as Lucy said, was pretty much in charge of the whole of Westeros given Bran's lack of involvement in anything other than watching reruns of the history channel Westeros or playing flight simulator: Raven Spy. I guess that Tyrion deserved to live as a free man given his story but it still smacks of double standards from the interim council formed after the battle for King's Landing. Bronn being master of coin was a strange appointment but it was also something which Tyrion himself was appointed as when Tywin took his place as Hand. I would love to see Bronn's face when he found out that the crown was in extreme debt to the Iron Bank!

There were many things I should like to have seen in the last season such as Lady Stoneheart, the consequences of Arya leaving the House of Black and White, further insight into the Night King and The Others, Dorne and many other things but can I complain? No. GoT has been the best TV show I have had the pleasure to see in the last ten, maybe even twenty years (it'll never supercede Only Fools and Horses for me though!) and even if the last season wasn't it's best it still is an amazing show.

Death of the Week: The show itself 😭

I guess that it isn't as much a goodbye from GameSpot of Thrones as an au revoir until we see the spin-offs grace our screens and, until then thank you GSoT ( @mixedbizness , @Tamz , @davejewitt , @ryanerikp , @Roguecheddar , @kategray , @chrisbeaumont , @adammason @alexacorreia (sorry for those I forgot)) for all of the vids, insights, theories and japes. It really has been fun.

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@gotrekfabian: I thought the Iron bank was pretty much all dead.Or I should say the rulers of the Iron bank...

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@gotrekfabian: <3 thanks for the lovely comment!

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@gotrekfabian: Thank you for watching, it's been an absolute pleasure doing it and knowing folks like you were enjoying kept us coming back week after week. We've got one more episode coming, and we'll be back for those spin-offs ;)

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@Tamz: Awesome, I look forward it.

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Bran is Evil, plot twist.

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Why do they have papers in there hands like that couldn't remember there script? Looks like they were just fed some lines on paper literally and went with it. They hardly even make eye contact with the camera. I mean yeah its Gamespot, but come on, just looks so unprofessional. But I like the break down regardless.

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The last season isn't the same as the first seven. They accelerated the story so much, but that isn't even the real issue IMO. There was, to me, a change thematically in the way it went. IMO, not enough people died. It felt like the whole time we were watching this show where anything was possible. That is really what made it stand out and make it great. This wasn't just some high fantasy magic and kindgdoms BS, this was Game of Thrones baby! Any character was killable. They weren't afraid to subvert everyone's expectations and kill off your favorite characters. Then comes the last season and they simply kill all the bad guys, turn one of the good guys bad and then immediately kill them. Sure, some people died, but not many of the major good guys. It felt like it went back to the formulaic bullshit that we've seen before in a million other stories. I would've been happier if literally everyone died except for one guy alone on the throne, because that would at least feel more consistent with the rest of the show.

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Hmm I disagree, plus you only go off the last episode what about the prior episode's like Beric, Tollett, Theon(good-bad-good), Lady Mormont, Jorah, Missandei, Varys and Jaime(bad-good) Hound(good/bad) and Daynerys(good, but really bad). The point is there've been many deaths of the good guys throughout the season even the whole series, way more then probably the bad guys.

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I wanted to point out that the book in the show "A Song of Ice and Fire" seems to be the story they needed for Bran the Broken.

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All I can say is that I hope Tyrion is nearby if I'm ever buried in an earthquake.