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Game Of Thrones Episode 6, Season 8 Preview Trailer -- Official HBO Teaser

The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 PM on HBO. See what's in store for the series finale on May 19.

Get ready to shed some tears--Game of Thrones is almost over. Episode 6 is coming this Sunday, May 19, and it's likely to be an emotional 80 minutes, whether that's because you're sad for the characters and world, sad the show is ending, or mad with how things have played out (or some combination of the three).

If you stuck around after the end of Episode 5, you'll have seen a brief preview of what's to come in the series finale. HBO released a teaser trailer for Episode 6 that previews what's coming. You can watch it above; it's carefully edited not to give much away. Characters like Tyrion and Arya can be seen looking rather shell-shocked, presumably by Dany's decisions in Episode 5, and Dany herself is seen walking amongst her army. Notably, we only see her back, so we don't know how she is feeling about things. But the show is now fully embracing its dark view of the world, with characters making the decisions that viewers likely hoped that they would not. Case in point: Dany going all Mad Queen and burning King's Landing, much like her father had hoped to do once upon a time (prompting Jaime to kill him and become the Kingslayer).

Whatever Dany thinks about how the battle played out, she might not be feeling anything at all for much longer--it's possible that a new slate of characters, like Jon, Davos, or Tyrion, will be out to kill her in light of her actions in Episode 5. In fact, Episode 5 may have shown us exactly how she's going to die, as it seems as if Varys planned to poison Dany. We get some hints at this when he talks with a young girl who works in the kitchen and as he takes his rings off before being led to his execution. But just because he's dead doesn't mean the poison plan won't move ahead. It's also possible he managed to send off some of his letters revealing Jon's true parentage, which could drum up support for his cause.

It's anyone's guess how things will play out, but be sure to check out some new Episode 6 theories about where things are going in the finale. And although this Sunday will mark the end of the show, the following Sunday will bring a documentary about Game of Thrones to HBO, which has spin-off shows in the works.