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Game Of Thrones - All The Times Ghost Was A Very Good Boy

Even though he's such a good boy, Ghost keeps being ignored in Game of Thrones, and we won't stand for it any more. Here's the best moments of the best boy in the Seven Kingdoms. You suck, Jon.

For years, Game of Thrones fans have been clamoring to see more of Ghost, Jon's direwolf. But the direwolves have very much taken a backseat in subsequent seasons of the show despite their importance to the characters in the novels. Season 8 has brought with us a few glimpses of Jon's companion, but even when he popped up during the Battle of Winterfell, he disappeared, leaving us to wonder what happened to Ghost. He turned out to be fine, but now, as Season 8 moves toward its conclusion, we may have seen the last of him. Jon leaves Winterfell and sends Ghost north with Tormund--and he doesn't even bother to give him a pat on the head. Jon may not care about him, but if you do, be sure to check out the video above for a look at Ghost's best moments.