Gabe Newell: Behind Left 4 Dead 2 and Beyond Interview

We interview Gabe Newell, president and cofounder of Valve. He gives us some insights into what it took to create Left 4 Dead 2 and what's on their minds for the future.

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Sparky.... the real question is does the 360 have online play?

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does the pc version have online play?

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Now a year later, we got none of the promised bunch of content, except a few maps L4D2 is getting too.

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they should port this to ps3

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oh yah

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is it possible to play this game on xbox xontroller? i just can`t imagine that

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L4D2 is a very similar to original, but it has few perks that make the similar yet different at same time, the new weapons/equipment change this for surviours and new infected change the infected gameplay aswell, those who are constantly crying over this game, shouldn't play it and let its true players and supporters enjoy it.

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Where is the "oh so promised" DLC for L4D(1) that they promised us so long ago!

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Thats one good looking fella

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Why hasn't time travel been patented and given to the people yet? I've been sick and tired from waiting so long for the game, Though the Demo made it a good wait. and now it's down to 14 hours untill Zero Hour(Game launch). Well i know I'm going to have a Marathon of L4D2 for the next week. anyone want to join me? "SG James" on Steam.

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Justinian103, adding to your tid-bit... to play the demo, he must have pre-ordered L4D2.. HA! Overall, L4D2 is exactly what we needed. I love being able to blow an arm off and they keep coming. :-) You've got to be crazy not to love a game with excellent replay value. I have played CoD for years... same old experience, over and over. L4D changed that for me.

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DJPETTITE for a guy who thinks L4D2 is a complete waste of time and is the same game as L4D, you spend an awful lot of time keeping up with every bit of info that pops up on gamespot about it. And if you thought the demo was nothing more or new your purposely being ignorant or just plain stupid. Any fan of the first game cannot say they aren`t impressed with the way L4D2 looks, plays and feels. They bumped up Source even more, the textures, character models, evironments and lighting look gorgeous. The guns are plenty and modeled beautifully and melee weapons are amazing and add the special layer the first game was sorely missing. And don`t forget the gore engine on the infected, it`s definitely somthing you must see first hand, in a word AWESOME!! Go away already, your fighting a losing arguement.

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.. and game is like addon, not the full imdepemdent and new game.. good thing is games from valve is for on poor systems

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Trhis guy from video, include his self in game, he is real zombie, wow.. ofc stolen scenario from first popular zombie movie everithing, evemn black man, who looks sux and not real like puppet in 2nd part, fat like zombie who talk in video

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So, to the people that know the first, I guess this would be an improved version of the first and I wouldn't really have to "go back" to play the first right? Especially since it's a different story, or perhaps similar or the same situation only with different characters. Well, blasterchief below pretty much points that out. But I shouldn't have to go back to the first game anymore if I haven't played it? Let me know. :) By the way, I did try the Demo of 2 and I did enjoy it. But going back to the first might let me down if it has less features. The first was an intriguing concept to me, only the silly crazy shooter-thing to it put me off. Now I just tried the Demo for 2 and I really like it for it's craziness and features. I don't even want it to become too realistic or anything.

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It's like watching a horror movie again!!! awesome...

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Left 4 Dead 2's demo so far has shown Left 4 Dead 1, but greatly improved: that's exactly what a sequel should be. It brings the core gameplay back with plenty of new weapons, infected, and items (Boomer Bile, Defibrillators, and Adrenaline are all fantastic) and it's a whole lot of fun. Left 4 Dead 2 is doing what a sequel should while not screwing up a franchise, some of you still haven't worked that out.

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I'm not into any of Valve's games but I do think Gabe Newell is a very smart person and Valve seems to hold up pretty well in the anti-L4D2 debate.

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@ Bog101: Just more jealous wii fanboys =)

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I remember when L4D first came out...I didnt like it at first, but once you see some of its great ideas, uniqueness, and required teamwork, you see that valve has got some serious skills.

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No, actually the L4D owners are pre-ordering L4D 2 more than those who haven't got L4D ... It's just half of L4D players have a pirated version :>

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I hope this one is as good as the first one.Maybe they improved the graphics

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SL4Y3Rftw I got the numbers mixed up, but "some" new maps? "Some" new weapons? Nope! Valve promised 10 new weapons and 20 new maps. Don't believe me? Skip to 8:52. << LINK REMOVED >> That is footage from the official demo. Crash Course is not 20 maps, and there have been absolutely no new weapons.

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i'm probably going to get this game for christmas

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to me this game is scary, because i'm from louisiana, and the people that made the game, made louisiana infesting with zombies???!!!! YIKES!

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@djpetitte Are you serious? You just contradicted yourself in one comment. You said that its the same game (which would be a negative side if you read my comment) and then you said if it wasnt the same people would be upset cause its not the same game. But Ill tell you...of course its gonna have the same engine! ITS THE SAME GAME! Its called a sequel. If you want to bash it cause its a sequel I cant complain ...but people cant complain that Valve made another l4d....cause l4d2 is AWESOME!

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If zombie appoccalypse happen, Gabe Newell would be a boomer.

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I would put money on some new information regarding HL2:E3 coming out *very* soon. What better time for Valve to whet our appetites for more of the HL universe? L4D2 looks great, can't wait to pick this game up.

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I don't understand peoples complaints about it looks to similar to the previous, it's the same with every sequel. Plus i think its a brilliant game that does get boring quickly so hopefully instead of bringing out a whole new game each year they should bring out a huge DLC every 6 months.

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Played the demo last night for left 4 dead 2, I think its a good improvment to a great game, I loved the new melee weapons but I think the melee weapons should be a replacement to the pistols not an extra as the idea of unlimited handgun ammo is unrealistic.

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I played the Left4Dead 2 demo, and honestly - rather than just a new skin - it feels like a transition from a cult B - Movie [a.k.a. L4D 1] to a AAA blockbuster zombie flick; so it's not quite a new game, not quite just a revamped version - worth getting if you ask me. P.S. Gabe looks really tired, guess he's kind of burned out with all the complaining by relentless haters.

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@8smokes You serious? LOL have you even tried the melee weapons yet, they are so lame! Maybe the chainsaw is cool, but the frying pan is just a joke, its basically useless when I can melee with the butt of my gun! @BigRagu777 the meat of the game is exactly the same as before(source engine), even interviews with valve they have said that. Even if they did change everything that wouldn't be a good idea because the fans want more of the same.

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I think this AngryAussie says pretty much what needs to be said, << LINK REMOVED >> FIGHT THE POWER!

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banned in aus and cant i even watch the movie

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All of the infected are in singlets and shorts

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mitcjase 1. They didn't say 20 new weapons they just said some new maps/campaigns and some weapons and maybe some new characters 2. Left 4 Dead is finished it just needs adding to (thats what the community is for) 3. They would really be pushing it if they where releasing Left 4 Dead every year and not releasing anything else. And finally give it time before you get all worked up over nothing VALVe like taking their time with everything.

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High percentage of people who joined the boycott are preordering. Thats pretty funny considering the amount of whining they did. Looks like a great step up from l4d, cant wait! just wish there was R18+ in Aus :(

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Left 4 Dead 1 isn't finished. Where are the 20 new weapons that were promised in the demo? Non existent. As far as I can tell, that point STILL hasn't been answered. Concerning HL2: Episode 3: I thought the point of episodic gaming was to reduce time between release dates. We'll see Left 4 Dead 5 before HL2: Episode 3. They might as well drop the "2: Episode" part of the name.

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I respect the fact he committed to this interview to address some of the.. "issues" that arose. Almost every argument I've read on forums he's addressed. Not many developers care what the consumer or fans think, Valve on the other hand seems to always take care of their Fan base. It was a good interview, he gave ideas of what lies ahead in the future, and what their planning on. For those who said "It just like the first one!", that applies to Every single sequel.

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man!.......I'm gonna have to get this and MW2

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HypnoticZombie 5:30 the charger just runs into the hole.

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You can't stop The Newellator

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haha I couldn't pay any attention, I was just watching the gameplay footage.....

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this sequel does not make sense to me im just in for the gameplay:D

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Looks like a worthy sequel, I'll be picking it up

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Zombies eating people? Impossible. Gabe Newell eating people? Likely.

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at least the could have told him to fix his damn collar before the interview started...

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When I played the demo it didnt feel like anything new. It just felt like some new character skins and a new map.