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Really, it's us who should be thanking Gabe and Valve. Only a very select few companies create games as great as Valve do.

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Now you have an award,... Please tell us when we're gonna play Half-Life 3..?

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definitely well deserved Gabe. now let's talk about Half-Life 3..

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Can't think of a better person for that award! Nice to see him sounding a bit nervous, shows a human side to an industry which is often run by evil business men. I've nothing but good things to say about this guy when I run game design and development lessons

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I think he's losing weight.

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Anyone else see Cliff Bleszinski recently talking about how EA and Valve are no different? That they are both just businesses trying to make as much money as possible? This is what he fails to understand. Since its inception, Valve has had a human face to it and has been run by people that many of us have become fans of over the years.

For me, Valve provided some of the best gaming experiences of my teenage years even before Steam was around. I remember being reluctant to switch to Steam back in 2004 because I still liked owning those giant boxes that I could put on my shelf and enjoyed reading the manuals from beginning to end, but after realizing the sheer convenience of a Steam account along with the automatic updates, big sales, great community integration and of course the workshop, there is little about Steam that I would change.

EA on the other hand has no face to it, they only published games and they have destroyed many franchises that I loved like Command and Conquer. Origin is a pain to use, and the fact that they removed most of their games from Steam showed exactly what kind of company they are.

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@Psycold Took the words right out of my mouth. I am of the exact same opinion with everything you said, 100%.

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@Fanible @Psycold Conan rules :)

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The unkle we wish we all had.

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Gabe Newell: "On behalf of the gamers who've supported us through these years, Thank You very much."

Gamers: "You got it dude" *two thumbs up*

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Gamers rejoice!


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@Kr3isen That's seriously one of the more disturbing videos I've ever seen

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steam achievement unlocked : BAFTA

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well deserved!

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Congrats Gabe, it is definitely deserved.

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All hail Gaben. The pinnacle of evolution and existence.

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i love this fat god

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I love you Gaben! ♥

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Where can I click like on this video, I must click like on this video !

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Wait a minute... Peter Molyneux received this award before him?!

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@marvel456 well, it is BAFTA, and Molyneux is British, so he probably got priority.

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@marvel456 Before he started to drink the crazy juice, Molyneux was "the steven spielberg" in gaming.

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Dual feelings. I agree with what you're trying to say but I'm no fan of Spielberg. Almost all his hit movies are vastly overrated imo.

But at least they used to be well worth watching.

Molyneux made some truly great games back in the day.

Populous, Powermonger, Syndicate, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper and many others.

He's credited for inventing the God Sim genre with Populous.

I think he's done more for games than the much hyped Miyamoto but it's just my opinion. I don't want to argue with a Nintendo fanboy.

And yeah nowadays old Molyneux is at least half crazy.

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@chuckles471 @marvel456 And much like Molyneux, Spielberg lost his edge too.

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This couldn't have gone to anyone better. Gabe is an inspiration and actually listens to the gamers and delivers on that. Fine example of quality over quantity.

Great man, great role model for morals.

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Wouldn't it have been something if he announced Half Life 3 just out of the blue right at the end.

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He deserves it.

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where is the HL3 conspiracy comments?

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This man is Legend .

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He seemed quite nervous, but I think the award was well-deserved. Well done, Gabe.

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@MAD_AI minus the poker face

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I heard the camera adds 10 pounds

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Then stop eating so many cameras.