Free-to-Play - DC Universe Online Trailer

Starting today, the massively multiplayer online action game DC Universe Online is now free-to-play!

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"The Year's Most Legendary Online Action Game" ~ Anonymous

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STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME, IT IS THE MOST BUGGY MMO OUT THERE! Serious guys its not worth your time , i put money into it for 5 of the 10 months it been out and they have hardly put any new content in to this game at all , it a waste of a great IP. Stay away cause after the first week you will wish you never wasted your time and you will be wanting that time back!

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hekc ahy

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man im sooooo excited just looking at the comments :D IM DOWNLOADING IT RIGHT NOW!

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This is a great MMO, highly customizable, great looking and fun to play. It really sucks you in. I was pleasantly surprised ... just make sure you have the HDD space available cause the file and patch are HUGE! Like 17G's or something. See you online.

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im downloading it =D

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this game is worth it, it's a lot of fun....when the servers aren't down that is...the servers keep going down like crazy... the other day it was down from like 8 am to like 1:30 the next morning. ... they need more servers for all the extra players that have joined since Tuesday... but when it's up and working , it's a lot of fun to play.

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downloading, let's see if it's worth the space in hd

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I been playing again =) Not sure how long it'll be before I crack and bring out the credit card..

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i welcome anyone and everyone to play this game :D