Free PC Game To Kick Off GOG’s Massive Winter Sale - GS News Roundup

Nintendo Switch hits a massive sales milestone, and Ni No Kuni 2 gets delayed for a second time!

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With all the sales present and upcoming, any thought of an article/video of your favorite games on sale? You may have done this before, if so sorry for missing it. I just laugh when I hear GOG has 900 games on sale? I'm sure Steam will be matching that. Gosh, does anyone actually look through them all? Or just remember something you wanted in the past and just look for it?

Myself, I usually browse a little (a few minutes here and there) and see what I come upon.

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@Louis: The volume is different, but I don't think it's any different from being a kid in physical store. Either you had that 1 game in mind you went to get, or you looked at the shelf and picked the thing that looked most interesting at a first glance.

Sure with 900 games it's like everyone is using a shotgun, but at least everyone will find something that suits.

And yeah, they are preying on collectors who buy 50 games just for the heck of it. No wonder they release so many buggy unfinished games these day when there's a high chance someone will buy your game and actually never even install it. I had that disease for a year, but when I realized I completed 2 games in that whole year out of my 50 I bought, I haven't bought a game since. The 48ish games are waiting first, and there's a chance I might never play them because I haven't touched a new game in about 2-3 years

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@PrpleTrtleBuBum: You make great points and I agree with you. Most my searches are focused due to a review I read. Though I will browse a little.

But yes, the more on sale, the better chance "we all" find something.

Most years I would buy a few new games, but this year I think I hit a point that you did. I'm toning it down because I have such a huge collection of un-played games.

I still have un-played from last year’s purchases, new/sales: XCOM 2, GTA V, Star Wars Battlefront I, COD: IW, Planet Coaster,... Last year I went a bit crazy.

I really don’t need to buy anything else. I think all I got this year were some free games that were offered this week: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Homefront.

I grabbed them, but they are not installed. Who knows when?

I won't say I won't buy something else, but I'm getting a lot stricter in my purchases. Like you, I have plenty.

Lastly, I’m finding that some games continually are receiving add-ons so that holds me to them. Kerbal Space Program, and ARK, for example. But the good news about being behind is, I just started Fallout 4 and am able to play it through this first time through with all the DLC enabled.

I do hope you find time during the holidays to play. Maybe you can treat yourself to a new game if you knock the top 20 off your stack of 50 games? Okay, maybe that will take a decade… 😉

Take care.

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@Louis: That is true, but I prefer to get it on GOG if it is available for the reason of not having the game tied to GOG whereas the program I can install on various systems. I use Steam as well because they have some nice sales on even the newest games. The problem getting all these games is finding the time to play them all.

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@lonewolf1044: I agree, it seems that Steam has sales on the newest games. But GOG is great for the older classics. Heck, sometimes I just become a "collector" and buy games that I don't think I'll ever get to but I want. I bought the Ultima series off of GOG for a great price and I just love seeing them there on my shelf. Ha, I'm so weird. I'll never play them in my wildest dreams.

I have, what I feel are a lot of games, between the various "engines". GOG - 80, Steam - 110, a smattering on Origin, and Uplay.

But like many, sometimes I buy them on the hope that someday... other times the deals are just too good. I buy them, immediately email my brother with, "guess what I bought!" Then we laugh, and laugh...

I've seen others touch on this, might be interesting to hear from the Gamespot staff on the size of their libraries and what % they have completed. Are they like us, just like to collect, or are they any people that only buy what they will get too? (A strange group if there ever was one.) ;-)

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@Louis: This is good to know. I thought I was the only "nut" that did this. I do it with both physical and digital games too. My collection is much smaller, but still about the same ratio per platform. There is no shame in being a game collector. once you get old enough RL dictates for most of us that we will never have the time to play them all, but as you said, part of the joy comes from viewing your collection(s) yourself or comparing your collection to others who have a collection on the same platform.

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@bosay831: Completely agree! Along with games, my sister laughs at my to-read bookcases... I love to read also and well, if I find a good book on sale, or part of a series, I do buy it.

The one benefit to all this is, when it's time to play or read the next one, it's like visiting my own personal store. What is my mood? What would I like to play now...?

Ha, half the fun is looking at it all and deciding. Glad to see I'm not the only one.