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Forza Horizon 4 - Halo Showcase Event Gameplay

Enter a special Halo Experience Showcase Event in Forza Horizon 4 and drive as Master Chief. Take the wheel of your trusty Warthog and follow Cortana's instructions as you reach breakneck speed in a fun Halo inspired environment.

There's a pretty fun Halo-themed mission in Forza Horizon 4. In the video above, we race through it while Cortana gives us directions to our target.

The Halo Showcase Event puts you in control of Master Chief, who needs to drive his Warthog to the extraction point before the Halo ring that he and Cortana are on explodes. A Pelican flies overhead to call out any abrupt turns in the road or an upcoming change in terrain. The course isn't as open as it appears, with a blue barrier keeping you on track. Enemy Banshees also fly overhead, but they don't fire upon you or provide any sort of challenge--they simply help sell the Halo aesthetic. Completing the course nets you Influence, Horizon 4's version of currency, and you're welcome to repeat the Event as often as you like.

Forza Horizon 4 continues the spin-off series' high-energy variation of the more serious Forza Motorsport. The game includes over 450 vehicles for you to drive, from sports cars to racing trucks, including some of the classics seen in James Bond movies (but only as DLC). Horizon 4 takes the series' global racing competition to Britain, where a massive shared open world provides plenty of opportunities to explore, drive off-road, street race, and perform stunts. For the first time in the series, Horizon 4 adds changing seasons to the entire game. When online, the seasons will change every seven days, so a race that occurs in a muddy forest during a rain-soaked spring might become much more manageable to drive once summer rolls around and the dirt hardens.

In our Forza Horizon 4 review, Edmond Tran gave the game a 9/10, writing, "There's such a diverse range of activities stuffed into every corner of Horizon 4, and meaningful changes contribute to smart driving dynamics and a more consistent sense of achievement. Everything you do in Horizon feels valuable, no matter how big or small--from the basic thrills of speeding a fast car down a gorgeous mountain highway to spending time tinkering with your favorite ride to manage seasonal road conditions to just hanging out with friends and strangers online and goofing off in friendly games. The charm of the Horizon series is as palpable as ever, a winning, all-inclusive recipe that celebrates the joy of driving above all else."Forza Horizon 4 releases on October 2 for Xbox One and PC. If you pre-order the game's Deluxe Edition, you'll get a Car Pass and Car Pack. Buying Horizon 4's Ultimate Edition nets you even more cars with the game's season pass, and you'll be able to start playing the game four days early on September 28.