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Fortnite: Where To Land At A Hero Mansion And Villain's Lair | Season 10 Challenges

Here's where to go to land at both the hero's mansion and the abandoned villain's lair.

Fortnite's Season 10, Week 5 challenges are here, and this week's set is called Blockbuster--a callback to Season 4. As usual, most of the challenges are fairly straightforward, but one that may throw you for a loop is to land at a run-down hero mansion and an abandoned villain hideout. If you don't know where either of those is located, we're here to show you where to go.

The two locations you need to visit for this challenge are on opposite ends of the map, so the quickest way to complete it would be to land at one, get eliminated, then hop into another match and land at the other. The run-down hero mansion is near the easternmost edge of the island, while the villain hideout is northeast of Snobby Shores. You can see exactly where they're located in the video above. Be sure to also check out our written guide on where to land at a run-down hero mansion and an abandoned villain hideout for a map and more details to help you complete the challenge.

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