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Fortnite: Where To Find Every Jonesy Location In Downtown Drop LTM Secret Challenges Guide

Fortnite's Downtown Drop Challenges want you to look in basketball courts, behind fences, trucks, and on rooftops for Jonesy. Here's every location to find Jonesy which is required for several different Downtown Drop rewards. No battle pass needed!

On top of Fortnite's usual batch of Season 9 challenges, Epic is holding a Downtown Drop limited-time mode in the battle royale game, which comes with its own set of missions to complete and rewards to unlock. Three of the Downtown Drop challenges are to find Jonesy--one of the original Fortnite characters--hidden in various parts of the map. Some of these can be quite tricky to spot, which is why we're here to help you find them all.

The most involved of the challenges is to find Jonesy near the basketball court, near the rooftops, and in the back of a truck. You'll need to go to all three of these locations in order to complete this challenge. There is also a separate mission to find Jonesy hidden behind a fence, as well as another to find Jonesy in the sewers. If you're not sure where these are, we walk you through exactly where each one is located in the video above. If you need more detailed directions, we've also put together a written guide to help you complete the challenge.