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Fortnite: Where Is The Tiny Rubber Ducky From The Loading Screen? Challenge Location

Despite being bugged, it's possible to search the tiny rubber ducky at the spot hidden in the Summertime Splashdown loading screen challenge, you just have to make sure you're the first one to arrive at the secret spot. Here's where to go and what it looks like.

Some of Fortnite's 14 Days of Summer challenges have been interconnected; for instance, one asks players to destroy grills, but Epic Games requires that this be done with a harvesting tool you only get by launching fireworks as part of another challenge. Another example of this involves a tiny rubber ducky, which you're told to search. The only clue given is that it's hidden in the Summertime Splashdown loading screen. [Update: The clock is ticking and 14 Days of Summer's challenges will soon expire. You can still do all 14, with each one netting you a reward; complete them all, and you also get your hands on the exclusive Smoothie back bling. You actually don't need to specifically do this one anymore--rather than change how it works, Epic auto-completed it for players who log in during the qualifying period.]

If you're at a loss for where on the map to go, you can check out the video guide above for a walkthrough on its exact location. You'll find it in a tub south of Paradise Palms, but be prepared for a real rush--at the time of this writing, there's only one duck that spawns per match, and with other players trying to search it, this can be very difficult.

A fix is on the way, though we don't yet know when. On July 7, Epic tweeted, "This challenge is harder to complete than we intended. We're working towards a fix in a couple days." There has been no further update on that yet, although content update 3 for patch 9.30 is out now.