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Fortnite: Week 3's Secret Battle Star Location Walkthrough (Season 9 Utopia Challenges)

Fortnite Battle Pass owners get exclusive challenges to complete for free battle star tiers and skins. Completing all of Week 3's challenges will unlock a secret battle star to help you progress on your Season 9 Utopia Challenge. Here's where to go to claim your battle star. Captured on PC.

Week 3's challenges of Fortnite Season 9 are live across PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and mobile, giving you another chance to earn Battle Stars and unlock this season's Battle Pass rewards. Not only can you get your hands on some cool skins and other cosmetics by completing challenges, you'll also unlock a special loading screen if you manage to finish all seven tasks from a given week. These loading screens typically contain a clue that leads you to a free item hidden somewhere around the map, like a secret Battle Star that will level your Battle Pass up by one tier.

You'll be able to find one of these Battle Stars if you complete three weeks' worth of challenges this season. This time, the Star will be hidden in Junk Junction, atop a pile of broken-down cars. Head to the area, make your way to the top of the car pile, and the Battle Star will appear. You can see exactly where it's hidden in the video above. We've also put together a Week 3 secret Battle Star guide that has a map and more details explaining how to get this week's freebie. Remember, though, this Battle Star will only appear if you've purchased a Season 9 Battle Pass and completed three full weeks' worth of challenges.