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Fortnite Thanos Gameplay - Infinity Gauntlet Victory Royale

Thanos has arrived in Fortnite and we get our hands on the Infinity Gauntlet! Here's gameplay of a full match Victory Royale.

The biggest movie of the year is having a crossover with the biggest game of the year, with Avengers: Infinity War villain Thanos making his way into the Epic Games' Fortnite. The Mad Titan is now available in the Battle Royale mode on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile, but you'll have to race your fellow players to get your hands on him.

More specifically, to get your hands into his all-powerful gauntlet. Just after the two-minute mark the gauntlet will crash into the map like a comet, and the first person there will be able to put it to use. It comes fully equipped with the Infinity Stones, and the moment you pop it on you'll be transformed into Thanos, launch into the air, and then come crashing back down ready to destroy anything and everything in your path.

Thanos is capable of leaping into the air and slamming back down with a destructive punch, he can generally take out players with a couple of blows, and is able to fire a powerful laser beam from the gauntlet. Basically, he's pretty much unstoppable.

The crossover is a limited-time event called the Infinity Gauntlet Mashup. Like a typical game of Battle Royale, it pits 100 players against each other in a fight to be the last one standing. The Infinity Gauntlet Mashup is the first special event of Fortnite Season 4, which began last week with the release of Fortnite's latest update.

Along with the start of a new season, last week's Fortnite update made some significant changes to Battle Royale. The mysterious comet that had been looming in the sky finally crashed over Dusty Depot, transforming it into Dusty Divot. Additionally, with Season 4 now underway, Battle Royale players have a new set of skins and rewards to earn by completing new Battle Pass challenges.