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Fortnite: Search Between A Basement Film Camera, Snowy Stone Head, And Gold Big Rig Guide | Season 10 Challenge

The normal secret battle stars we've grown accustomed to are gone, as Epic tries to figure out what it wants to do with the confusing new battle pass system. This week, however, if you search between a basement film camera, snowy stone head, and gold big rig you will be able to claim a Battle Star as a reward. Here's where to go.

Week 5 of Fortnite Season 10 has arrived, and it's brought a new set of challenges for Battle Pass holders to complete. This week's set of missions is called Blockbuster, a reference to Season 4, and one of the tasks asks you to search between a basement film camera, a snowy stone head, and a flashy gold big rig. That's not nearly as confusing as it may sound, so if you're unsure of how to complete the challenge, we're here to show you where to go.

The item you're looking for is a Battle Star, and it'll appear in the middle of the three aforementioned objects, so once you know where those are located, completing this challenge will be easy. All three are near the snowy biome in the southwest corner of the island. The film camera is inside a house northeast of Shifty Shafts; the snowy stone head is sitting on a hill near the frozen waterfall; and the gold big rig is parked between Shifty Shafts and Tilted Town. Head to the middle of those three objects and the Battle Star will appear.

If you need a more visual guide, we show you exactly where the Battle Star is hidden in the video above. You can also see a map and more details on how to complete the challenge in our written challenge guide.