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Fortnite Guide: Where To Spray A Fountain, Junkyard Crane, And Vending Machine | Spray & Pray Challenges

Battle Pass owners will need to spray a fountain, crane, and vending machine. Here's where to go to quickly complete the challenge. Captured on PC.

Another set of Season X challenges is now available in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Week 2's missions are called Spray and Pray, and most of them loosely revolve around graffiti, like the one that asks you to spray a fountain, a junkyard crane, and a vending machine. Here's where you need to go.

In the video above, we show you where each of the objects you need to spray are located. There's a fountain in Lazy Lagoon, while the junkyard crane is--fittingly--in Junk Junction. As for the vending machine, there are a handful of these scattered around the island, and any will suffice for this challenge. Once you've sprayed all three objects, the mission will be complete. Be sure to check out our full Fortnite Season X challenges roundup for additional tips and guides for this season's trickiest missions.