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Fortnite: Fortbyte Location #33 Walkthrough Guide | Season 9 Utopia Challenges

Fortnite's Season 9 ends very soon, so hurry and grab the final Fortbyte piece that is the reward for Week 10's Challenges. Check this guide to see where to go in order to claim your Fortbyte reward.

Fortnite's Week 10 challenges are now live, which means Season 9 of the popular battle royale is almost over. There's still a little time left to complete this season's challenges, however, and each weekly set you finish will in turn check off one of Season 9's Utopia challenges, giving you a chance to pick up a free Battle Star or Fortbyte hidden somewhere around the game's map.

If you manage to complete all 10 weeks' worth of Season 9 challenges, you'll unlock another special loading screen that comes with a clue pointing you to an elusive Fortbyte--in this case, Fortbyte #33. You don't need to finish all of the challenges to get the Fortbyte, however; anyone with a Season 9 Battle Pass can grab it so long as you know where to go.

Fortbyte #33 is hidden inside one of the cabins near Lonely Lodge. If you're still looking for it, we show you exactly where the Fortbyte is hidden in our video guide above. Be sure to also check out our written Fortbyte #33 location guide for further details on where to find it, as well as our Fortnite Season 9 challenges roundup for all of our other tips and guides.

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