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Fortnite Attack On Titan Crossover Leaks Ahead Of Season 2 | GameSpot News

Looks like Warzone won’t be the only battle royale with the honor of collaborating with Attack on Titan for much longer. According to two leakers, Hypex and Shiina, Fortnite is next in line.

While it's not known for sure, all in-game indications point to Chapter 4 Season 1 ending on March 8, which would usually mean that Season 2 will begin March 10. A note on the quest tab seemed to confirm this, stating that a looping encrypted message reads ""

If you’re looking for another gaming experience with an anime flavor to it, make sure to check out Hi-Fi Rush if you haven’t already. I say that knowing there is a high chance that a lot of you already have because the developer, Tango Gameworks, took to Twitter to celebrate the game’s reaching two million players.

But even if you happen to be part of that two mill, you still might want to boot the game back up so you can practice your game-graphy in its new photo mode. This new feature is a part of a free update that went live today. This update also includes various fixes like an issue where the player cannot progress during the 808 battle in Track 12, a bug where Chips slots weren't accurately being reflected in game if purchased at a certain time and many more.

If you still need an Xbox to check out Hi-Fi Rush, why not try winning this special-edition Mandalorian Series X and S consoles. There is even a custom Grogu Xbox controller and hoodie for it.

I mentioned winning it because Microsoft is not selling these items to the public, but fans can retweet the Xbox account and use the hashtag #TheMandalorianXboxSweepstakes for a chance at grabbing them. The contest runs through May 11 and is open to Xbox fans around the globe.

But if you don’t have a Twitter account–I don’t blame you–or you just aren’t lucky enough to win one of those consoles and you’re a Verizon subscriber, you can grab a Series S for just $150. That may sound too good to be true, but it’s not uncommon for the Xbox Series S to go on sale. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this low anywhere though, so if you’re a subscriber in need of one, grab it before they sell out.

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