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this game looks stup1d and boring who would like to drive around a stupid and f4g petal

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this is RETARDID !!!

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You'd be surprised what "normal" people actually enjoy, peter. You're really limiting yourself if you don't try some new things. I'm going to enjoy this game a lot, I think.

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What A Beautiful Sky .... u think is HEAVEN !!! Trust me If your GirlFreind Sad Give it this gift XD GirlFreind : (shy) ohh Thanck U *-* XDDDD

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very cool... nice and chill after busy days work!

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only a hardcore drugy would enjoy flying flowers around....come on son wtf lest start making games normal ppl wanna play that arnt trippin on acid......Put The Get Away 3 and Eight Days back into production and drop stupid crap like this

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Looks like Wipeout meets a flower ?? can you race your petal

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You know that those how made GOW also made Unreal! Hehe... Both pretty ok games. I have both ps3 & xbox 360, so this is a neutral comment.... This look like sh*t!!! Who the f... would want to spend money on a virtual flower. Ok the grafics may be nice, but i have better things to use my money on. Afrika looks relaxing. This is a game 4 f4gs!

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It looks colourful and quite a unique initiative idea by SONY and with their passion for new ideas they all ways come up with something fresh! I look at it and think "Why?" but that's the creative point, as a PSN game using the PS3's hardware it looks fantastic in its own way, I can see how stupid die-hard Xbox fans will complain at this with mockery, but they cant talk can they? ha Gears of War... sure good but Ive been playing the old gal on PC for years! Unreal Tournament! far better shooter imo, anyways this Flower looks like a nice relaxing change.

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whts the objective and story of the game?? to collect points or somthing ??

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lol 0:22 slow-motion wind blowing,just a other fact for the eXtream gamer

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AH! i just bought my ps3 to day (yay) and i think ill get this game over msg4 and kz2,all p0wn u all in the multyplayer with my goodlike rofflecoptor pownosaurusrexzors flowerpower skilz

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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besides, its more of a techinical showcase of graphics that say 'hey xbox, we can even make a pollen game, thats blows all your titles out of the water' SONY are really having a laugh with this one, i will buy on launch!

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steve, you inbred fudge packer, theres nothing gay about LBP, MGS4, GranTursimo5, killzone2. yanks always call 'gayness' on something that doesnt have a pulse, maybe theres a joke there about texans marrying pigs, you a texan kSLYSTEVE?

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Looks like the greatest looking game I've ever seen, but the game play should be fun.... at least.

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A nice looking game that doesn't seem to involve blowing someone's head off and gameplay focused on killing.

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The developer better release some new info on this game soon, because too many people are already being critical of it. I'd also like to know what the objective really is beside collecting those petals.

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I think this looks beautiful- definitely something to play at the end of the day when you're stressed

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Great screensaver.

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this game looks dope! and everyone who commented is a douche! reminds me of katamari which no douche deserves to play, so go ahead and hate because i don't want douches playing the cool games, so please just stick to halo and gears of war.

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nothing more comes to my head besides...wow... lame...

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lol..good one smugl3r...i think who ever made this game must of been on about 50 lsd abit of crack n loads of weed

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this game better come with 4 hits of lsd

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The point of this game, Rainbow Lion, is to, like , most motion sensing games, cost more money than it should. No, but I seriously can't wait to buy myself a PS3 and put myself to sleep flying around a field picking up petals until the novelty wears off. TWO MINUTES LATER.

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what's the point of this exactly?

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Use that nice looking engine for a game instead of a screensave.

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"...incorporate their own soundtracks into the game." yeah, i would love to put some death metal as a soundtrack! XD it makes me relax.

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i dunno wat was it that i just watched.. but i do know i wasted 1.14sec of my life watching this crap..

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It would make a good interactive screensaver, but I'm too lazy to load up something like this just to play it. I'm just that lazy.

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I don't think it would be worth the price, but I guess it would be good to relax and help you fall asleep.

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I guess this game is for relaxation. The graphics look very decent. Im thinking that the goal is to grab as many petals as you can.

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I would love to see an editor for this. I don't think I'm alone in thinking that after playing this game for a while people are going to want to build their own levels, add content and challenges, and incorporate their own soundtracks into the game.

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it looks nice, but its probably with the sixaxis, is hate that function, its too much Wii-like.

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what on earth is this >_>

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Im not impressed by the graphics either but i dont think it really needs em. Im not sure about the gameplay, i hope they are not going for a full price/lenght game with this concept, kinda game you try for an hour or two and move on. More of a 8$ arcade kinda game.

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That looks really pretty, but... What are you doing, exactly? You just fly around and bump into all the flowers you find? It seems like that would get boring really fast. Maybe if there was some sort of puzzle aspect?

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it looks like the type of game that looks bad, but actaully might turn out good, a bit like i thought little big planet looked bad

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i don't understand this game

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How can you say the graphics are amazing!! They are average! There are zero detail on the flower petals! @ EyeWierd20, i love Indie games as well...WHEN THEY ARE A FREE DOWNLOAD!! Im cant imagine people paying ''real'' money for this??? Id rather go into my garden and pick flowers.........

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Whoa... that was strangely refreshing...

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Looks very impressive, but don't believe anybody who says: "Only teh PS3 can do this!!!1!" Take a look at the graphics on this page, especially the Flash video at the bottom of the page. It shows grass being rendered in REAL TIME on a good ol' GeForce 7800 GTX, complete with shadows cast by individual blades! << LINK REMOVED >>

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awesome looking stuff. but i don't get what you actually do or control in the game....

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The game is simplistic and soothing and the graphics look amazing and the detail of the grass is amazing. It also sounds awesome too!

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So Sooting.

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What was that about?

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This game looks strangely interesting... Indie games just blow me away :D

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