Flower Controls and Gameplay Overview Demo

The creative director of Flower, Jenova Chen, gives us an overview demonstration of the controls and gameplay.

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    Avatar image for plainpain93

    man,i sucked into this game! its so relaxing and beautiful

    Avatar image for PeterBuckley

    After a hard day at work coming home to his helps me to chill out , simple to play but very very relaxing.

    Avatar image for barb_girl

    i agree w/ ppl that say it looks relaxing, i could play for a while

    Avatar image for diggyman

    Hey that actually doesn't look too bad. Kudos for thinking outside the box.

    Avatar image for timbjr

    I love this games concept, and as a huge fan of art and music this makes me want to buy a ps3 and buy this game.

    Avatar image for Gamewako

    Wow, this is a lot more interesting than it first appears to be!

    Avatar image for buttface1

    Wow, if someone 8 years ago would have come up to me and said " Dude I got this awesome game where you play as a flower pedal floating through the wind" I would have said " dude are you high?" Lol But this looks absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, and even though it seems very simplistic it also seems very entertaining. Gonna have to get this. BTW, that music was ENCHANTING!

    Avatar image for TOOLFRENZY

    I agree, I could spend hours just exploring the environments. Definitely gonna pick this one up.

    Avatar image for remark666

    this looks pretty good, might buy if like 10$, would be sick on cid they should have HQ textures on the flowers (cant tell from video), this would only be good on 1080hd blu-ray

    Avatar image for Guljigit92

    i want it

    Avatar image for rmoorevtps3

    Can't imagine it selling millions is sad? That game probably cost like $300k to make, if it sold millions that would be insane!

    Avatar image for sj_nehama

    this is beautiful beyond anything. Cant imagine it selling millions though. Sad

    Avatar image for BothBarsOn

    Yup, I want this.

    Avatar image for juanchito006

    Very interesting game, nice visuals, it has to be a ps3 exclusive!!!

    Avatar image for soulhunter91

    wow... it looks nice, very good, aside from the visuals, i think it could have been a Wii game

    Avatar image for HTML_d00d

    wow the visuals are amazing, its like Snake on steroids, in a field with lots of flowers

    Avatar image for Dinkyfish

    I think this looks so relaxing. Shame it's not coming out on XBL

    Avatar image for Amster_G

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

    Avatar image for AzureWind213

    looks AMAZING. First day purchase.

    Avatar image for diddz1

    what is the point?I didn't really pay attention. Well it should be good, games that stay simple are good...hmmm. Little Big Planet. But don't know if I would get it.

    Avatar image for jrabbit99

    good casual game

    Avatar image for Jadman131

    Yes this game looks so visually stunning and the controls seem pretty cool. A completely new approach to a game.

    Avatar image for AtheistPreacher

    Now THAT is a cool use for sixaxis control. And obviously it's visually stunning. Think I'll pick this up... but I'm still waiting for a PSN game that beats out Castle Crashers in terms of bang for you buck and replayability. Not that there aren't any good PSN games, but I think 360 has the advantage there.