First 19 Minutes of Nioh 2 Closed Alpha Gameplay

We get our hands on Nioh 2 Closed Alpha including the character creator as well as using the new twin axes.

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well i loaded up the alpha and it more of nioh which is great thing imo, with lil change here and there. I am still sad that action mode on the base is still 720p which just horrid and and while movie mode is 1080p it only 30 fps which game is not play able like that.

thinking I get it for pc less things change from now to release. to make action modes 60 fps run at at lest 900p. though to point i an disappointed, it really is just nioh with character creation, not fan of the new learn skill screen think it could just been an expansion graphically it not the most impressive technically it look just like nioh graphically other then it now has hdr

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I seriously thought It's Nioh 1. I can't believe it's the SAME GAME. This must be a DLC or's not a sequel gosh daymn. I'm disappointed because I was so excited for this game and it's EVOLUTION. And it's practically the same game, the same ASSETS...the same textures...same effects...oh my god. As a person who's into game dev I can tell you...this sequel looks like they only made some new 3D models and that's IT.

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As a huge fan of all the Fromsoft titles since DeS and someone who couldn’t get into Nioh I’m hoping this one is better and gets rid of the stiffness of the first game.

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Looks exactly like Nioh 1.


I love it.

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Level design is horrendous and boring, is this supposed to be the first area from the first game or something? Looks almost like copy paste... This is the reason i could never finish the first one, i would get nauseated by the samey areas and the same enemy types over and over and over AND OVER. with the exception for bosses, i kept fighting the same footsoldiers and handful of Yokai types for 30 hours+, i'm willing to give this one a try if they have much more enemy variety,

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They really need to work on thier level design. This looks like the same bland design as the first.

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seeing as nioh has the most hours play of any ps4 game I own I will get this. but if they cant do 1080p at 60 fps and the action mode is 720p which still dropped bellow that and still didnt maintain 60 fps on base ps4 for nioh, will get noih 2 it for pc instead of ps4.

Nioh was ps4 exclusive which why i got for ps4, if i knew it would hit the pc I would of waited and got it there

Game is only play able at 60 fps and 720p is no longer acceptable by any means which ruined the game for me on ps4 (base) movie mode might been 1080p 30fps but 30 dont translate well to game like this

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Well, that i'll probably buy being you can create your character. I didn't buy the first or Sekiro being you're stuck with the default.

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It looks exactly like Nioh 1. Not sure if lazy or they legitimately thought the game didn't need any changes. I'm OK with that I guess.

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@Arkhalipso: As a fan of the first, I’m considerably underwhelmed. We’ll see.