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First 10 Minutes Of The Crew 2

Begin the journey to motorsport stardom in The Crew 2 as we race through land, sea, and air in New York City.

The Crew 2 is all about building reputation and establishing relationships with professionals in each different discipline of motorsport as you tour the entirety of the continental United States. Whether it be by a speedboat, aircraft, or touring car, you can trek from coast to coast in this open world by switching between vehicle types on the fly. If you want to fly your plane high into the sky then transform into a boat that plops down in the middle of Manhattan, sure. You'll be stuck, of course, but morphing back into a car will get you out of that mess.

Your real goal, however, is to take on races and challenges for each type of motorsport which are broken into four categories: freestyle, street racing, pro racing, and off road. Within each discipline are motor families that are essentially the characters that guide you through the challenges scattered across the country. From the get-go, missions and races fill up the map which grant you fame and money upon completion. Street racing can either pit you in a drifting competition or in a circuit around the streets of Los Angeles. Freestyle often asks you to perform stunts and tricks with a plane to accumulate more points than your opponent. But regardless of the races you complete, access to new vehicles and challenges is a constant.

The video above covers the first 10 minutes of The Crew 2 to show off how the game looks and feels early on. Ubisoft is currently taking beta sign-ups if you wish to try out the game before release, otherwise you'll have to wait until June 29 when the game launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Avatar image for g4m1ngon

Another boring arcade with style of "we know what kid like nowadays". Damn... you don't even need to steer in these games - feel free to crash in everything you want just don't hit walls, at least not T bone them... LOL nevermind, walls will pop you back on track kid! jeezz......

Avatar image for doctormabuse71

I own the first version, The Crew 1, ... I've tried the alfa/beta's of The Crew 2 ... Absolutely NO reason to buy the new one.

IF they had bothered to give us a NEW country to experience, drive through and race in... that would be a different matter. But ofcourse: Why make the effort, Ubisoft, ;- )

/Dr. Mabuse - Entitled gamer since the C-64

Avatar image for LVT_PTA_PB

I hope the next game will happen in a different country