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Join us on The Lobby as we Take a look at the launch of Firefall, The Last of Us PS4 Remaster and go over some of the awesome things that happened at Comic-Con 2014! As always, we'll cover the New Releases, and latest gaming news too! Join us in the chat, and give us your opinion on what you'd like to see more of on The Lobby!

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So many games, so little time...

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Found the frame of my life :)

Devs, just keep comin' up with all the cool Battleframes. ;)

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Anyone gonna try be able to try out The Last of Us Remastered on a 4K setup? Also, that selfie mode is really...cute. LOL
FireFall, yeah, I'll be playing it still, loads of fun with the Thumpin', and all.

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@eskeengulag No zombies, no horror stuff for me. Sci-fi only. Firefall would do just fine.

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@eskeengulag playing TLOU remastered now, do not regret buying it even though I had it on the PS3 already, the boost in graphics is very welcome in this game is it adds to the look and feel of the game in spades. 4k setup must be mouth watering.

still playing firefall, i'm easily amused by jetpacks haha.

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FireFall game is weird?? Whaat? It's actually up my alley, just because it's a smooth "gun-play" shooter...

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@goutsmasherlive it's weird. and I like it. Where do I get Firefall?

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@deshall4 @goutsmasherlive You can check it out here:

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@eskeengulag @deshall4 @goutsmasherlive seriously how does one not find a game like Firefall, or Steam for the matter?

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@nineightnines @eskeengulag @deshall4 @goutsmasherlive newbies maybe? Not everyone is used to playing games. Also... thanks for the link above.

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@yhailey52 @nineightnines @eskeengulag @deshall4 @goutsmasherlive got on the Firefall bandwagon too since last week.

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@goutsmasherlive Lol at the double-post, chill, I think it's actually meant to say that the game is unique. /smh

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FireFall game is weird?? Whaat? It's actually up my alley, just because it's a smooth "gun-play" shooter...

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This Firefall game is weird, its actually interesting in a way, kinda like Tribes 2014, in a very good sense.

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Will the PS4 version come with DLC?

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@rosalindever There's a PS4 version of Firefall??

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I'm hoping DA:I's combat system doesn't force me to use my tanking character and run circles around every boss again.

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Holy S*** I've been missing out on this show. I just discovered it today. Damn.

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Come on Justin, guys, get your facts straight! You really think that for 5 bucks you could download and get forever all those games? Just read the terms of service " If your subscription to EA Access is cancelled or otherwise terminated, you will not have further access EA Content until and unless you purchase the EA Content or Vault Title separately." You can find them here:

You are professionals for god's sake... check the facts, specially if it looks too good to be true...

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Sure, who better to talk about a game than the guy who didn't even like the game in the first place... It's obvious that Tom is just forced to talk about it, while Chris likes it and knows what he's talking about.

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@JohnyMyko He said the DLC was his favorite game of 2014, just because he didn't score the game as highly as you'd like doesn't mean he doesn't like it. In fact, on a number of occasions, he's spoken on the quality of the main game.

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Yes, the in game visuals match the cutscenes, so it doesn't look so much like you're transitioning into a prerendered cutscene, but more of a in game cutscene. It's all 60fps as well, which was really awkward at first, now it feels normal, but jumping back to 30 (which I only did a couple of times for a few seconds) is really jarring, even considering the PS3 version sometimes went lower.

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The Left Behind DLC was fantastic until THAT.

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No viewable Witcher 3 gameplay from comic con?

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For the TLoU, would it be better now to actually play the DLC before the original game?

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No, the DLC is meant to be played after the main game. The main game alludes to some of the stuff in the DLC, and vice versa. Some of the DLC even takes place in the late parts of the main game, so you'd be spoiling it, and you'd probably not know what is going on then. It's also just better to get to know the characters and backstories in the main game before you delve into the DLC. I honestly feel like I spoiled something already with just typing that.

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@hystavito No, play the main story first

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Firefall, Titanfall, TowerFall, Shadow Fall. I'm seeing a pattern here...

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@sagejonathan Haha! Dat Firefall though, looks really nostalgic to me, is it really a Tribes homage? 10/10 would play if so.

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Justin Haywald looked really similar with Peter Brown without glasses

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