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More! more!

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Just noticed in the vid... why would a merc Scan Hammer in front of a Chosen dreadnaught, LOL

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@namisalced0 because Dreadnaughts are boss.

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Is this a scripted event? It's interesting stuff, would like to know if it made it into launch since the comments are from a year back. :/

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@dosvalencia Higher-level instance, it's along your mission sequencer once you get into the game. WOn't miss it.

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@aylchico @dosvalencia So it's part of the story then?

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Updating my beta client. Gonna see what all has been added since I played a few months back. This trailer shows off some crazy new things that I hope are there in the beta.

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@arto1223 a lot has changed bro, its like a totally new game

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can't wait!!