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Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker - Everything To Know

To prepare you for Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, we thought we would gather up everything you need to know about the new expansion before it arrives!

A new adventure awaits the Warriors of Light in Endwalker, the latest expansion for Square Enix’s popular MMO, Final Fantasy 14. Not only is Endwalker wrapping up a huge, intricate story that spans over 10 years, but it’s also bringing us two new jobs, as well as the male viera and a ton of new content on top.

In this video, we talk about everything you need to know about Endwalker before it's release. This includes the expansion's story, new modes and features, data center travel and more.

Endwalker launches on December 7th officially, or on the 3rd if you pre-ordered for early access on both Playstation 4 and 5 as well as PC, Steam, and Mac.