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Excited to see polygons on PS4 Yaaay

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Final Fantasy VII on PS4?! Can it really be true? (Watches video.) Awwwww... Dammit!

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Come on SE, you could have done a much better job than this for crying out loud.

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I love FF VII but this sucks.

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This looks like a joke.... no remaster, no nothing, just a straight up port from the PS1? It looks ugly as sin

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@Bearprint @SterlingFox Agreed

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It looks exactly the same. I've already bought this game twice in my life. I have no desire to buy it again.

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No. I know there are some people nagging all over the internet and whining for this but I am sick of remakes. As a matter of fact I am paying this on steam now even though I also owe the game on ps1. It is okay but definitely not the best FF ever.

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this is becoming frustrating! im almost 34 so i appreciate you re releasing FFVII for PS4 because my ps3 is in the dumps but when you keep on leading me onto this bs and saying its coming out its coming out im going to loose it so either release it or dont ok

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Worse than Dragonball Z with all these remakes to the remasters. Make another damn game and stop trying to nickel and dime the past.

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@W4rl0ck Dragon Ball Z and FF have no comparison sorry

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I dont even want the remake anymore, I want the company to die

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I would prefer a better Chrono Trigger port than what is from the PSOne and PS3 library (better load times).

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@BranKetra Completely agree. I prefer a Chrono Trigger over FF myself.

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@jr_hal @BranKetra What would you do if you had to choose?

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A proper remake would really only work if Square-Enix was to hire Bandai Namco Studios to develop said remake. While the combat system of FFVII was acceptable for its time, we're in 2015. Either do it in a way that the game is as new as its graphics, or don't do it at all.

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If Square Would Would Put Out A " Square Classics Remake Series" With FF 6, 7 An FF Tactics Shoot Tactics Just Needs To Be HD Also Since It Was Made Already For the I Think Nintendo 64 But Never Released Chrono Trigger Resurrection.. Id Go Get A PS4 Right Now. Till Then Long Live Emulators

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@Chrono050 Why Are You Talking Like This?

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It's just like FFX/X2 for the Vita, and now PS4.

If they remake FFVII, that's great. But please do note disappoint us if the graphics are going to be the exact same as how it looked for the PS1. It's an insult to the fans, and the PS4's hardware capabilities. Akin to spitting in everyone's faces.

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How many times are they just going to release the same exact game using the same exact trailer?

The least they could is retranslate it. I recently replayed the game using the original PS1 disc, and the translation is all over the place. Characters get random accents for like 3 lines then drop them just as quickly, often times characters say things that flat out don't make sense, and there are typos everywhere.

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@SterlingFox The poor translation is part of the charm.

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Geeze, they didn't even bother to change the trailer.

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Final Fantasy VII remake will happen in a last ditch effort when square finally goes tips up.

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@angrybob78 you wish dream on.

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this is basically what they released on steam. lazy.

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Don't think I can bring myself to buy this for the 4th time.

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It's spring and it still hasn't released just gonna buy it on steam

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Another port...didnt they just do this in steam? Whats the point? Remaster or remake or just leave it alone. Pure cash grab with absolutely no added value.

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@ecs33 This could be said for 90% of squares titles, including ff15, ff15 is just ff4's plot rehashed again for like the 8th time now.

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No thanks. I already re-bought it on PSN. I'll just wait till Sony brings those PSone classics to PS4.

If not, looks like I'll have to buy a new PS3 to store in case they stop selling the PS3 and my current one breaks.

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@Elranzer you will be waiting a long time for that my friend. no way they release whats on the ps3 to the 4 because they want to charge you for rental.

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My guess is that SE will bundle it with a second episode of the FFXV demo and sell it for $59.99.

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They can no longer even make a proper trailer for a port that will take them one afternoon to make. This is beyond a joke, not only to ff(vii) fans but to all videogaming industry and community.

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loving all the tears fo the once again dissapointed fans for this not being a remake...

You guys deserve it, for still clinging to this day for a remake of FFVII, which will NEVER happen!

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Where the hell is FFXII? Least that one would get a proper re-release.

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@MaxPwnage 7 needs to be remade it had those damn blocks for graphics still...

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@MaxPwnage i hope we get the international version

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*sigh* Cash Grab i I didn't know better.

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Relive the masterpiece, for the 4th time! OH JOY!

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So sony will do a "remaster" of a game from 2010, but this is just getting a basic port? #4theplayers

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It's easier to do a remaster of a recent game as the art assets are still fairly relevant, so just improve the textures and lighting a bit, bump the resolution to 1080p and you're done. Easy profit.

A game as old and dated as FFVII would require almost a complete rework from the ground up in terms of art and the code base would probably need a massive rework too to make them work and to add modern rendering features.

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Complete and utter trash. They shoulda updated the graphics. I played this in 2002......come on son.

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I'm so buying this; however that being said, this will literally be the first game I pick up for the PS4 that I bought like at least 8 months ago by now. I buy a 'next gen' system to have the 1st game I really buy be a game that came out on the PS1. That is the state of our next gen systems. What happened to releasing systems with a library of awesome games like they did back in the past.... -_- While your at it Sony, just get all your PS* classics on the PS4 so I can have more games to play. *cough* Suikoden II, Kings Field games! *cough* Sad that I still use my X360 to play all my games while I wait for next gen to catch up with titles that make me want to buy something.

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The PS4 isn't "next gen". It's the current generation. It's been out for a year and a half. The next generation will be PS5, and whatever crappy console Microsoft puts out.

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@leakybuffer Maybe you don't like many games... I mean, FF Type-0 is a really nice FF game that you could enjoy. Bloodborne this week looks incredible. Infamous was really nice (I Platinumed it). Tons of multiplatform/gen games like MGSGZ and Watchdogs. Most people liked Dragon Age (I did not). Also, there are tons of indies. Frankly, I know it's still far from a big library, but it's always like that for new gens, lol. Still, I would LOVE to get my hands on Suikoden games! They should TOTALLY sell PS1/2/3 games with an emulator (I don't care if it's not 100% perfect). This would be better than PS Now (I prefer owning the games) and I would buy ton of stuff, lol.

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@senjutsu @leakybuffer Or you could just use a psp, ps1 or ps2 emulator to play these classics that don't even get touched up any, at least on the emulator you can add anti-alazing and stuff. Hell Gods eater burst on the psp emulator looks amazing at 720p with filters on, it almost looks like a ps2/ early ps3 game.

I used to be a major square fanboy, until I noticed that most ff games have the exact same plot, other than the usual kill big bad guy save the world. It will always have: Your a member of a rebel faction, who may or may not have orignally been part of the big evil empire. Some party member will betray you at some overly predictable point. Main char will be some emo guy no one gives 2 shits about. You think the last boss is the big bad dude at the head of said empire, but after you kill him you find out he was being controled or whatever. There is also usually some bimbo the main char is interested in who is pretty useless for anything except eye candy. If you look at these things, you will find them in FF4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 and 14. Since then i've lost faith in square, since they just been rehashing the exact same basic plotline in almost every game. a rpg is no fun when you can predict everything, which I been able to do since like after ff7. Not to mention the generally boring atb system that has not really evolved much. Though gameplay wise ff15 is a step in the right direction, the issue with ff15 will be everything else, poor story, lame characters, etc etc. I would have rather the main char in ff15 been a female, at least then it'd have some promise.

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They must have lost the original source code and they are too lazy to rewrite it from scratch, so...

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Woah...what a joke...ppl always wanted a remake not this crap....

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You can use epsxe to make the original PS1 game look better than this. They're basically taking the work the emulation creators did a decade ago and packaging it as if they did it all themselves. What a disrespectful cash grab.