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hey Gamespot, at 1:17 the original version is supposed to be Barret's limit break Big Shot and Cloud's limit Braver not just their respective Attack commands.

Wouldve been nice also if you did it side by side not just cut to the original back and forth.

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i tried reading some comments below to see if it was brought up, but shouldn't it have been more turn-based style of play like original? just curious on what people think.

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@Lace3: Totally agree. Turn based combat made the game what it was, changing it would just change the game. Relic of the past? Nah. The game is from the past, stay true to the game or you risk breaking it.

At the very least, they should make combat style selectable, so for those on a reminiscence trip, it feels like the old game and for the people who want more action, they can have it.

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@Lace3: turn-based is a relic of the past and would look stupid with the high-quality models of this gen. they needed to make it more interactive than that archaic gameplay. If you just wanted a facelift you can do it with mods on the PC version.

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I am a huge fan of the original, and although I do have an open mind about what Square is doing here, because we don't know all the details, it's very hard to not be concerned after all the garbage developers have pulled on us gamers recently. We all have a right to be concerned and to voice our concerns. We buy the games, without us, Square is nothing.

How are they going to implement the open world aspects of the game when it's episodic? Will it be a linear action game? That's my fear.

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the remake has better graphics

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I like Cloud's look. He is young and not supposed to be crazy buff yet. He is sickly looking because of all the mako energy he's been exposed to.

I like how they made an effort to actually show that. Unfortunately for the fans that jerk off to him, they aren't going to like that.

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I don't like remakes of films or games since I believe that developers/directors/writers should create new things but hot damn this looks good. FFVII was the first real rpg that I ever played so I am definitely looking forward to this.

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Unbelievably laggy video again, unwatchable.

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Loved the original, I still play it every so often, with my last play through being towards the beginning of this year. One of the major things that makes the game is the music, to the point you can forgive the visuals and mistakes in the story as the music conveys emotion/mood in the game so well. Sometimes I feel developers could learn a lot from looking at what made older games classics when we didn't have the processing power to make games that were graphically strong.

I am not hyping myself up for the remake - I don't trust them to not go for style over substance. To be fair, I very rarely hype myself up for any game, at least that way I can only be pleasantly surprised and not disappointed if the game turns out average.

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This is the game that changed the RPG style. Touching story, complex weapon system, wide open world, lots of sidequests, 3D! A masterpiece.

After FF7, a lot of japanese RPGs started to be translated to english to be sold in US and the world.

Longest-awaited remake of all!

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i had to admit remake is better :(

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and we will soon be able to try the game demo when kingdom hearts 3 comes

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Is this coming to xb1 too?

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@mhfon: Yes

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@parabol69: @mhfon No, it isn't. It is PS4 only at present.

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I'm liking what I see so far. Even from this little bit, it is looking like Cloud in the remake is having a close personality to that of the original. My big concern is that he turns overly broody like he did later in the lore. I hope that he gets rebooted into the Cloud that we remember.

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ok so IMO the story is a big part of the FF games, this one should have that part down. now combat i can see they are using something like what FF15 will be using, might even be the exact same. that said, if the depth of the micro managing is still there then i can see this being a good game.

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@suppaphly42: IT would suck if it play like Kingdom hearts.

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@stiffmeister: Wedge's voice sounds like the "you want fries with that" guy from the Simpsons lol.

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I remember playing the old FFVII when it first came out in the 90s. It was unbelievebly difficult. I'm sure the remake will be dumbed down for all those who care about nothing more than grapix and 200fps.

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@bfa1509: You should try the first two-three games in the series then. VII feels like a breeze in comparison.

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@bfa1509: Difficult? Aside from the 2 optional bosses the game was fairly easy.

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@xbr85: Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon. Those are the real challenges!

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@adrianosc: Yeah, at least until you find the Knights of the Round materia....

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Sorry which ones which?

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both so far

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Now that's great for the holiday

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I don't see any difference...

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Cloud looks starved and sickly haha...skinny little arms wielding that huge sword.

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@esqueejy: he just escaped from Hojo at that point trapped ina tube probably fed pretty minimally the whole 5 years.

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i dont see how you ps4 fans put up with the ps4 and square.you know they are making this in episodes like mind craft story mode and other games like it.they are going to charge you $20-$30 for 6hr episodes.they are going to make a killing off of you guys/the ps4 may have sold more consoles buy sony and others are making the worst business decisions i have ever seen.

first pay to play ps2-ps3 games while bc is free on xbox one.nothing but indies coming out till uncharted 4.trying to hard to get exclusive dlc for games like destiny instead of making exclusives.i mean really what AAA exclusive is coming out between bloodborne and uncharted 4 none.i feel bad for you guys.

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@hvd2222: - I don't think anyone cares about the episodic aspect. The original game took many years to make - so I don't think people would prefer waiting 3 or 4 years for this game to come out

- It isn't really a " PS4 fans" issue seeing as how there is a 99% probability this game will be multiform.

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@razama: i guess you havent read any other forums then...lol,so you dont have a problem with them chopping up a classic in to episodes and charging you more then a $60 game?yhey are going to charge yu $20-$30 per episode so if the release 10 episodes over a year your paying $200 for a remake.if you are ok with that i hope every ps4 exclusive is that that and you ps4 saps keep paying x4 of what the game is worth which is what they want.

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@hvd2222: sounds like someone is enjoying their peanut butter and jealous sandwhich.

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@tiffanystarrxxx: jealous of what pay to play backwards compatibility for ps2 and ps3 games?making a classic game like ff7 choping it up in to episodes to make you pay double for it?dont you know how much they will charge you for each episode.like $20-$30.if they chop it in to 10 episodes thats $200-$300 for 6hr episodes.am i jealous of that?..lol

jealous of now big AAA exclusives for a year?am i jealous of timed dlc that comes to xbox one anyway? nope.

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@hvd2222: 300+ more games, dozens more exclusives and 70+ more 75+ on Metacritic on PS4 vs XB1. Next...

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@kyelo: more like 70% of indie games..lol the indie station...where indies await..lol...next

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@kyelo: don't forget most games look/play better on PS4.

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@hvd2222: lol spot the troll

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@nick_000000: if the truth is trolling then call me a troll all day.the truth hurts.

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@hvd2222: #bait

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@mirage_so3: #truth hurts.