Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Official Trailer (JPN)

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. Watch the trailer for Advent Children Complete, a trial version set that includes a demo for Final Fantasy XIII as well as a bundle that includes a "Cloud Black" limited-edition PlayStation 3.

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the best movie ever

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This movie was great!

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cool movie

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Far out this is so awesome. I have the the special edition box set for Advent Children which comes with the picture cards, movie script, book and the movie of course. But now i want this....but sadly 9/10 it wont make it to NZ...bummer T_T

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This is the greatest thing ever. Can we ever hope to see this bundle in Canada................

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Its cool!

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It's like the director of the original woke up one morning and screamed, "MOOOAARRRRR!!!!" And so it was done...

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@coreblade: i think it is the price of freedom

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scenes i haven't seen in the original.. wow

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The English version (in the US at least) is coming out on June 2 on Blu-ray. Check the US Square-Enix site... it's like the first thing to pop up, lol! I can't wait for next month!!! XD (let's see... getting: the Conduit, and now FFVII on bluray!)

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Just watched the movie and its awesome. Everything now makes a sense in the movie not like in the original one. Btw could someone tell me what the soundtrack is when cloud fights sephiroth? I know it's one winged angel but i mean the guitar part. Is it a remix of the oroginal or just a random solo?

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Another reason why I hate sony... Can they ever send out a truely complete product? Comeon just remake the damn video game already isn't that what your final goal is gonna be sony jeeeeeeeeze...

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They are putting a lots of effort into FFVII. Maybe it's time to start making or give some news about the remake on the PS3. Square would be stupid not to make it. If a game that made 2,3 million sells in 3 days just in Japan with the graphics of that time, what could be possible to happen if it would be realesed on the PS3. As soon as it will be avaiable i will buy it nad borrow me friends ps. Can't wait for it.

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so all those previous FFVII:AC is UNfinished product. Give it a rest for FFVII, this is way overboard for milking fans. this will be another reason for ppl not to give up piracy.

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@fall_out_boy96 By "past it's prime" do you mean it won't sell or it's too old to be consider "cool" by the kids today? I think neither one is true, but we'll see how well the new products do before we judge.

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I hate to say, but Final Fantasy is just past it's prime. I mean, FFVII was great at the time, and i still think it's an amazing story, but I just don't think these movies and spin-offs are doing it any good. Sorry fanboys.

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I believe once you have watched all the trailers for the Complete edition and also what you have seen in the original ... you'll have seen it already. Still, gotta admit it's awesome awesome and awwwwesome!!!

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Crap! That's a lot of scene I don't see in the older FF VII AC! :( Import won't help me either because BD movies are region lock. I better have PC with BD reader drive. :(

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This looks SICK!!!! I live in New Zealand and we have to usually wait ages for movies and such to be released over here so I'm definitly gona import!!

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will this come out on blue ray in english?

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I just shat myself at the end scene with Cloud and Sephiroth, I really hope they do a remake or a sequel

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more Barret scenes? maybe?

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April 16 in Japan?......Alright guys, im predicting April 18 for English subs. :D

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Very cool. I hope there would be FF7 in PS3. I love Cloud so much

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Hopefully they will make the movie longer and get rid of all the abstract dialogue that made the first one kind of dull. I know Square-Enix can do it!

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I thought it was the best anime ever the first time. Now they are rehashing it. I can't wait. I am gonna get rid of my old copy a try and wait patiently. Think I'll watch it again 1st though. Might be a long wait.

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I demand a demo on PSN

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yeah it gonna be awesome and april almosthere cant wait to play FF13 demo and see the new footage on this movie that wasent shown on the first AC movie ehehe

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this looks pretty badass, so they're going to completely redo Cloud's fight with Sephiroth thenn

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Please tell me there will be a US release of this!

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wow, Square Enix puts alot of effort into their movies, don't they?

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oww man the same charactors from the old final fantasy.... just joking cant wait to play this i wonder if you can play with cloud i think thats his name because i always change it. i just want to do the same thing they did in this video but like most games its just for show and they tease you and its just for sales

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omg i have to get this movie it looks freakin awesome man. april 16 in Japan but when in the US

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the song is epic...what a sick remix of J-E-N-O-V-A, cannot wait to pick up the blu ray for this in Canada.

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ooo im definately gonna pick this new version up and on blueray it will kick ass. im so hopin for a ff7 remake pleeeeease!!!!!!

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this is a must haveeee!!

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Never know...they could be testing the water for a FF7-2 LOL...

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Thanks da1writer. Looks like that's a deal. I think this one is just the movie. It doesn't mention the demo at all. But hey, I'd don't mind. I don't need the demo at all. I suck at reading & understanding Japanese so getting the demo would leave me more confused than helping me understand the game. I can always look at videos to get a sense of how the gameplay is. Thanks again.

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Pure 100% awesomeness. Not from concentrate.

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its a film, but more complete than the other one . And It seems it going to be a perfect movie now !!! and in blue-ray haha gonna rulez !!! and come a ffxiii demo !! i have to BUY IT ! *-*

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Can anyone please explain to me what the heck is going on.What is this ''Final Fantasy 7:Advent Children''trailer?? Is it a new film? Is it a game??What is it?Mercy.We want to see at last an rpg worthly to play in ps3.

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@ CMakaCreative: $49.39 << LINK REMOVED >>

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Why do I get the feeling I've already seen all the extra content for this movie?

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After adamantly refusing to get a seems now I have no choice.

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yippy... ff7... again... >,>

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Man I'm really intrigued by the extra scenes, I'll probably have to pick it up when it gets to the states

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Holy crap, this movie has been taking forever to come on Bluray! Finally it looks like it's going to come out, with the extended scenes too! Hopefully a NA and EU release comes out soon, I don't want Japan to have all the good stuff, FFVII fan here!

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skrrici "good one but dont u think that ti's boring when u cross the street and u have to fight an enemie each 10 meters u do???" My friend that's what they call RPG. 90% of RPG games is like that.

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Ok...So I found this one"The Advent Children disc itself will include 126 minutes of footage, Japanese subtitles, and English and Japanese voice overs. As bonus videos, the disc will include an OVA (original video animation), Advent Children Complete trailers, and more." So it will have English voice over....which means....I need to start saving some money. The demo will be completely in Japanese...tho I'm not sure I even want to play the demo if I don't understand what's going on.