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@nekthek Nintendo is never going to have a shortage of funds where sony is constantly losing sales in the handheld market. Sure you can do most of those things, besides playing a DS game on a psp wouldn't make sense without a PSP but you have to take measures that'll possibly kill your PSP and is highly illegal. So sorry but your handheld is on it's last breath.

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@nekthek Uh... If you think so you are sadly mistaken...

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@Iamshmee This is the last breathe of DS! PSP is best hand held .....! PSP can play DS game, GBA games, Java games also! PSP can play PSX (Playstation one) games! PSP is the most powerful

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I will most likely get this game. I Love Square Enix games they don't usually dissapoint me.

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this looks like rpg for preschoolers lol, i'll stick to dragon quest 9 kthx

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this looks pretty cool, might get this and play it till pokemon black/white comes out =D

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i live how this game looks. and its class based....thats awesome...im going to get it aaaand play with some friends. cant wait!

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I'm passing on this one. Too cute for me.

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I'll pass on this game.

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If it's Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts or Pokemon, I buy it. Getting this for sure.

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I want this soooooooooooooo bad!!!!! when i saw the dragon quest, i thought "wow that reminds me of this game..."

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dragon quest or this hm....

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i was looking through all the e3 stuff and somehow i missed this but it looks epic but im kinda disappointed their going to use the old turn based style. crystal chronicles had an awesome fighting style.

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lol! It's Dragon Quest IX meets Animal Crossing... another stupid cute game that's gonna suck hours out of my life! =P

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It looks cute, but the gameplay looks solid.

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@ luuuuuuuuuuke i own both systems too and there are many games on the DS that are pretty good. i like the DS i just dont think it has the capabilities of the PSP. i didnt mean to say the DS was bad. just not as good. but the 3DS looks very promising and some good titles right of the bat, including: Kid Icarus: Uprising, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest.

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@LeviofDoom It was actually more just the jump you made from you disliking final fantasy titles on the DS to you saying that the DS is a bad system in general. There are a large number of gamers (more than PSP owners actually) that disagree with that statement. I am also just giving you a hard time. I am a fan of both systems and am actually excited to see square go back to the basics for this one. It might be a good change of pace for the series.

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@luuuuuuuuuuke what do you mean? do i not make sense? i think it makes fine sense :?, you just have to sort out the 4-5 different problems i have with the DS... its not too hard to follow.

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@GymFox Perhaps a little more standard is jsut what the series needs after several games were released that deviated far from the RPG norm. I am a big fan of the series as well. Lets hope for the best for this one.

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@LeviofDoom I iwsh you made more sense.

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@ lamshmee, i totaly agree with you on that, and i will definately be getting the 3DS. but the 3DS hasnt come out yet has it? PSP GO was a failure but it looked awesome in pictures and videos. and the thing is, theyre not making this game for the 3DS, theyre making it for the regular DS! ill have to see the other FF games on the 3DS and see which is better for FF games. all im saying is that there is only 1 or 2 FF games on the DS that i actually like. and theyve made like 15 for the DS. there are 2 or 3 FF that i like on the PSP and theyve only made like 5! im not saying that the 3DS is bad, im saying that the DS is bad and and they should stop making them on the DS! 3DS, go for it, lets see if theyre any good. if theyre not, go back to the PSP. because i already know PSP is good.

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@leviofdoom, Take a look at the 3DS and toss your psp in a toilet, or a trailerpark when it comes out. Better graphics and 3D, touch screen, slide pad which works like a joystick. PSP is the runt of the handheld litter, and something tells me that sony won't come out with a better handheld after the failure of the PSP GO.

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it ALMOST looks ok. i wish Square would put mor FF on the PSP. wayyy better graphics! and FF7 Crisis Core on PSP was a huge hit! and my favorite handheld EVER! i think they should go with PSP an quit half-arsing our Final Fantasy games! get some more on the PS3 too. this old school style bugs me, thats why i play FF over Dragon Quest in the first place... ughhhh. Square, youre starting to make me angry. just dont turn KH into this old style stuff now... i for one want a FF8 add-on to the PSP or even a remake would be nice. anyone agree with me?

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I love FF, but it does look a little standard. A must have for me tho

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The last great RPG for the DS maybe? I really hope not, I hope they don't forget about the DS just because the 3DS is around the corner.

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Cool game this may be a game worth waiting for.....

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Looks alright, the art style of the FF4 remake looked way better IMO. Hopefully the gameplay is legit.

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I don't really know if i'm gonna buy this one , but I like the old-school 4 heroes of light thing.

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even if 3ds is coming heck ill still get some ds games and those who dont appreciate this......I PITY THE FOOL!

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@Lucarioboyx: They are. If you look closely around 00:27-00:30, they have levels and exp points on the left side of their stats (blue screen). I hope some elements of the first Crystal Chronicles will be added in the game.

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the characters should lvl up

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eh wont be buying any DS titles from now on. but i will buy 3DS soon

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im gonna have to pass on this one

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Not sure about it being Final Fantasy (what IS Final Fantasy anymore?) but it does look decent. Not great, maybe not even good, but decent.

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Does not look interesting enough to sell me on this game

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I like the old school feel to this. 'Nuff said.

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I am will be not feeling for any FF game that will come for an while. I blame the huge disappointing ff13 =(

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i always feel like im mising out on ds like no other console. i have a pc.

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I wish SE would stop slapping the Final Fantasy name on mediocre and derivative titles like this just to boost sales. It's a slap in the face to those of us who supported the series from its start, and would know a real Final Fantasy game when we saw one.

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not really feeling this one

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Love how the characters look in the concept art. Not so much in game. Looks a little too much like Crystal Chronicles for my taste, but maybe the young-uns will like it...

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Umm wtf Enix...Ok yay for a new FF, don't really care about the DS graphics since it doesn't look half bad, yay for custom character look to a degree. But a big NAY to releasing some random ass FF that just came from nowhere! Is this supposed to be FF1 all over again expect with a retarded character model? Why not continue the remakes? You stop at FF4 for the DS but what happend to FF5? Most importently where is FF6??? Everyone knows fanboys/girls want a PS3 FF7/8 but that would take a load of time. Stop half assing final fantasy games for the DS and at least make them for the PSP which actually has better graphic capabilities (until the 3DS comes out). I mean honestly people with custom firmware are able to emulate a DS on their PSP...does that not tell you something? -Thumbs down to this FF-

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I'm definitely looking forward to this. I love me some old-school FF.

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look kinda crappy, i hate the art style they use for the FF on the ds, come one square work on a proper final fantasy already

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Glad to see this getting a NA release! Very spiffy.

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I think I played this game before in DS...

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Nice...I will be tracking this one. Good to know it is NOT a remake of FF I or III.

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It's a great game.

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Here's to hoping it doesn't blow like FFMQ did.