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looking good, only the characters Super-deformed format that leaves something to be desired...

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It looks too cool, I really hope it will be as good as it looks!

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Still unsure, but I'm leaning towards getting this.

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Great music, I would say. That has been the hallmark of virtually every Final Fantasy game.

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characters look not very great, they have to big heads

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I like the concept art and the landscapes... something about the character sprites don't do it for me though. I felt the same way about FF3. Probably have to see it first hand to appreciate it.

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Can't wait for this! only few days more!

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Love world maps! I'll try it out.

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mmmm..... naah ill keep my cash...

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Looks pretty recycled. Wanna to play a real game? Get Dragon Quest IX. This game is basically Final Fantasy III in a different package.

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dang! I so want to play this, I especially like the graphics

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or maybe ill get this on december...

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hm i did promised my self not to get a ds game after fetching a modified psp....maybe ill squeeze one more ds game..before 3d3 comes out...

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From what I've seen from the trailers, the art design looks really cool. Definitely gonna pick this up.

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nice, I has always wanted to test FF cuz it looks like a good rpg, like DQ, so I may begin with this. and since it will come out 4 days before my birthday so can I get it as a gift^^

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i might play another FF game after i promised myself to stop playing them after 8.

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this looks so awesome i want it!!

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The art style is what made me notice the game in a big way. A very cool and charming style.

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@Raeldor Raeldor though i agree with you and it looks AMAZING!! don't get me wrong, i am upset with the over all art direction. Not saying it doesn't look impressive, i was just hoping for more of the FFII&FFIII art styles that we saw on the DS, this looks more like My Sims Final Fantasy...Not to say it won't be super fun, def picking this up day one as well

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It actually looks awesome, also picking it ASAP

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Definetly Picking this up day one. This looks like a worthy spin off to the main Final Fantasy Games! This game does look great. @Raeldor Agreed this looks freaking awesome. Glad there are others willing to pick this up day one!

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Buying. Period. I don't know why people are complaining about the art style, I think it looks awesome. I love how it's all completely seemless 3d. That alone on the DS cannot be easy to achieve.