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game kontol...

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OMG! this looks like an NES remake on the GBA not Wii!

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I'm really disappointed.The game sucks. I mean,there are even better graphics on DS!!(witch are the least that I'm concerned with but...What the hell?! In my opinion a game can't be that good twice. Those tricky bastards developed the same game on different consoles ignoring the Wii's true potential. I'm not going to by this one. Square Enix could sell much more by creating a new FF especially for Wii. I think that would be nice.

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@ jflo911, I'm 27, not a kid, played the original, and loved it, but this one sucks... they should at least do something with more effects if they are going for the 16 bit style, at least like chrono trigger graphics or FFVI (which is my fav FF) so i dont thank when they play with my good memories of a great classic game just to make a profit, the version they made for the DS, now that is a remake! and even if this is not a exactly a remake, why dont they do it like that? or at least like i said before? so, no, i dont thank them for selling crap that looks the same and play the same as 20 years ago, i dont thank for something cheap that they know its going to sell, thanks to people like you. @ LaharlCake, NO , you do not thank for crap now do you? unless you are into scatology thingy xD if it is for cell phone, heck, why dont they release it into the cell phones then? i would love to have it in my cell phone, and dont tell me that most of the cell phones can handle it today. NOTE FOR ALL THE RPG CREATORS : Forget about save points!!! most of us have lives, and want to play some, save, and go on with them! not be forced to look for a save point every god damn time!!! get to work... ^.^

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it doesn't make sense....why don't they just make it acoriding the modern console....i know its FF with a great story...but they should make the gamplay good aswel....i feel this one is such a waste of the good story....

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Graphics arn't everything to me in a FF game it's the story. So I'm gonna get this. Plus it's on Wii ware you cant expect it to have the best visuals ever. Im happy with the visuals as good as they are and only for 800 wii points too!

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@ wiiheaven This was designed as a mobile phone game in japan (why its graphics are 16bit) besides we are lucky to even get it ported to wiiware.

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first, we're not kids. second, sure, graphics isn't everything, but it certainly is in 2009. Even Hideo Kojima has said that the basis of the whole MGS series is a constant improvement in hardware technology. Going 3-D (and heck, 4-D with Mario Galaxy) vastly improves the limitations of the gameplay. Besides, it's pretty standard to have good graphics these days. I'm an avid fan of the FF series, but Square Enix has done some pretty "meh" games on the Wii thus far. And since FF 13 isn't coming on the Wii..... :/

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I don't think it's LAZY of them to do this at all. This is an awesome transition into a sequel for us that have enjoyed the original SNES version, or any other 2D versions, of this AMAZING RPG. So all of you KIDS out there STOP complaining about the graphics, this is going to be great.

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the gameplay could be good, however, I'm not forgiving them for being too lazy to make better visuals

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you guys that want to say that they don't want to see this game in the old 2d style, do not know your classic games at all. they are just continuing the story ffiv. they want to do this to give people something to remember when they first played the game in the old days. i'm sorry but i am looking forward for this game. Not all games need high end graphics to keep it going, they need a good story in it to. I've seen to many games lately that they only look into the graphic, instead of story and game play. This should be a good game for nintendo's wiiware

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Sweet, there's alcohol in this game. Wonder if you can get drunko-vision.

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looks like pokemon, zelda and super mario 3 geez

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i dont think one will play these crap or buy it

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Looks like fun... reminds me of being a kid haha.

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I thought this was gonna be a real FF game for the Wii. LAME!

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I really love this game but why must the gameplay be like that...

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Noah-Phoenix, I suppose you also dissaproved of Megaman 9's retro 8-bit look?

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that was the best

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WHERES ff3 anniversary

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Wish I had a Wii for this. It's a bit funny how they went back a step graphics wise compared to the DS ones but I suppose it looks like an even neater GBA version.

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Where's ff6?

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Well, not only VERY similar graphics... but are they just redoing the same game with new characters? Several scenes were copies of the original. I really don't care how hard they try, they aren't ruining for me one of the best final fantasy games. Nor will I buy this and support their bastardization of a classic.

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I think the trailer looks sweet myself. I was worried that it was gonna be a remake cuz they are using a lot of the same characters (which didn't make much sense--"after"), but now that I know for sure it's a sequel, I'd like to play it......after I beat the first one :P

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@ Noah dude your stupid this game came out like 15 years thats why it looks like that

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WTF is up with the old school look? What a cop out. Cheaper to make = more profit from us stupid westerners obsessed with old JRRPG's. I love FFIV on the DS, where this look fits perfect, but this is one I will be avoiding on the Wii. SquareEnix really have lost the plot.

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wow, im so happy they went for the old school look

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I'm glad it kept the original aesthetic. Back in the early 90's the game was beautiful because of the colors. Heck..I vastly enjoyed it when it was remade for the GBA and that wasn't too long ago either. My point? You don't need graphics to enjoy a story. I'm excited to see what happened after the game ended, unlike the annoyance I had with Tales of Symphonia's sequel.

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you think they could do a little more with these graphics, like add hundreds of more animations.

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@Kleeyook, hey you do know that this was previously a Japan-only cell phone game that's being ported for our enjoyment in a format that we can actual own, right? I mean, I'm not going to bash on Squenix for giving me something that I otherwise could have never owned. It looks nostalgic, I think most of the unattractiveness comes from the fact that they just remade FFIV so these graphics look extremely outdated. Haha...

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can't wait for this!!!!!!!

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GODDAMIT!!! First Namco, now SE! Why won't you lot just bring the actual thing on Wii!!!! (FFXIII), By the way, the demo was great!

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hey guys, it's WiiWare, so it won't cost more than 10 bucks

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Die SE! What a crap game u make for us there! :(

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no thx

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it looks good. it feels very old school. if square thinks i am going to 45 bucks for this they are out of their minds .30 something is fine. or have bundles for cheaper after its released. it should cost no than 40 bucks.

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Wow, awesome. I can't wait! I don't like the episodic part of it, but the rest of the game looks incredible. Nice to know what happens to everyone at the end instead of just the "And they lived happily ever after" of the original. Now, if they can just do something like this for FF6...I've always wondered how their lives got on after the game ended.

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Oh snap...I was waiting for something with better graphics. I was thinking (Finally something fresh that will be on wii...with better graphics than the remakes on DS.) But hey. Mister disappointment came to the coast of disappointment island and was...well...disappointed. Hope it will be good at least.

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this loks good nice and old school but im sorry but in a way this looks just like a remake of finaly fantasy 2 for snes? all the same bad guys are in it and even the same levels. i will buy it still as long as it is not like $50.00

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The graphics of SNES games looked better. No, seriously I'm not kidding. This actually looks like it was made using RPG maker 2000 by two 15 year olds. Terrible. Old graphics are cool, I like them, they're interesting. But this is just plain low quality.

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Again? What the Point ?!!!

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Y'know, I accepted the two sequels (and am currently playing the prequel) to FFVII but this..... It isn't the graphics so much as my own nostalgia. I liked the way FFIV ended. I still have my SNES and can still play through it but, at the end, I feel that the game ended well (except for maybe all your fallen comrades coming back to life). Perhaps I'm just being overly negative but FFIV strikes me as a game that would be cheapened by a sequel.

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so people buy the Wii to play NES games?

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why the hell haven't they brought the 3D remake of this game to the consoles? id buy it in a second for any of the three home consoles. why is square enix punishing me?!

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@ BrunoBRS Ah now i understand. But still i am hopeful that SE is busy with other things and simply didnt want to deal with the decision of do change or dont change a game they already long finished. Id expect them to be a little weary of giving us a game in a different form then when they had it out on market back in japan. I suppose when we know the price we will know how much of a money grubbing scam this is, and how much of it is just selling what they consider to be a finished product.

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Woah, awesome. Based on my favorite final fantasy of all time. Im definitely going to pick this up.

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oh didn't realize this was gonna be wii-ware. may consider if it's no more than $15

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This game may take place in the after years, but the graphics don't....