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i think it's better if it was on the DS...they could have made it at least 3d if they planned it for the wii..true, substance is better than looks, but they could have at least tried to make it look better...

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This is what you get from buying a WII, cheap graphics, what is this??? SUPER NINTENDO?? Atleast give us Halo or DEVIL MAY CRY!!! Geeezzz!! Wasted my money on WII.

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Why not release this on all platforms for download like Capcom did with Megaman 9? I really don't get SE anymore, it's like they lost all their business sense.

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Lap it up, lemmings. Square Enix thrives on your willingness to accept the status quo.

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Yay 16-bit FTW!!! FF4 was my favorite of the games I just hope that this won't tarnish that.

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omg, I just LOVED the old 2D Final Fantasy games! This gonna ROCK !!

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fester420 is correct. Some of the best games of all time don't have incredible graphics. Look at Final Fantasy 7, the character models are almost painful, but that game STILL stands out years later.

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you youngsters need to learn that graphics don't make a game good, the gameplay does. it's a sequel to a game that came out almost 15 years ago, how can you not be excited about that?

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Are they showing the old FF-IV first? and then later they will release a new FF-IV for the Wii?... please dont tell me that, THAT thing is the game for the wii?! seriously hehe

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shoulda been made on the ds...

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Ahhhh pushing the wii to its limits

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This is supposed to be a Wiiware game? SE has yet sunk low once again.

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erm shouldn't this be released for the DS...or even on the GBA. Or at least as a DLC for the PS3!!...yeah they better do that...anyways looks awesome!! cant wait!

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PLEASE tell me this is coming out for the PS3! :P

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This looks more like a DS game...either way, I'll probably get it, FFIV is one of my all time favorites.

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it looks just like a square enix rpg from a ds, i expected better from a wii

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Is this game free ???? Sorry i dont know WII well

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I don't really care about the graphics to be honest.Hardcore FF fans wouldn't really mind the graphics,all they want is the storyline.FF is just like a playable virtual storybook.For example,Final Fantasy V and VI and I and II,their graphics are simply horrible compared to games now-a-days but when I played it I got hooked onto it.Games now a days usually have all the intense graphic,lightning effect and stuff but somehow,they grow boring more quickly than retro games.

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Can people actually play that game nowadays? I mean, I'm glad I've got a PS3 and FF13 is coming soon (not so soon, lol). I couldn't possibly play a game with those graphics anymore... I mean, it may have a great plot and everything, but come on!!! It's horrible... lol. I hope FF4 fans are happy, at least.

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dissapointing, they keep thinking we (wii useres) can swallow a game with those graphics ith the lame excuse of the nostalgia and that kinda stuff. If I wanted those games i´d keep playing on my NES instead of a whole new generation console

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To be honest, 2w-seph, I'm kinda digging the 2D graphics. They look really well done.

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FF IV is easily one of the greatest games ever made.

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Wow.... does graphics are... retro, um ok. You know what would be cool? if in each of the diferent 9 parts they improve the visuals of each part. Making the first one look like snes, then between snes and psx, then n64... and like that until the last part it looks like a incredible Wii game with the best graphics... You are with me? anyways I better stop dreaming. And keep this idea for my self if I ever become a game designer.

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"The After Years"? um.. great title..

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To bad the game didn't go to a useful system like the DS. What a waste of sequel to my favorite FF. Horrible decision SE, but I should be used to that by now.

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Milk it for all its worth won't you Square Enix?

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A little dissapointed it doesn't have the graphical refurb that IV had on DS.

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Milk. So according to someone below fans asked and square did it? In that case where is the Final Fantasy VII remake for the Ps3, or hell any console for that matter? I've already had it with FFIV. My belly is full on Nintendo/Square Ninty division's milk. I just need to find some cookies or something. Oh wait, those cookies are on real current-gen consoles.

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sweet a sequel. This is one of my fave RPGs i hope they dont nerf it up FFIV was my favorite.

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OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! My favorite game ever is getting a sequel!!!! I need to go change my pants.

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wasnt expecting that...

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@Ovirew You know, i had few good things to say about the additions they made in the DS version either. But I'm happy to see that young gamers can get a chance to experience a classic like FFIV rather than playing some pos shovleware the way most games are made these days.

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I respect that they didn't try to overhaul the graphics. In my mind it shows that they understand what a special game the original is to the fans, and thus want to keep it in the same spirit as the original.

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First off the game was made for Japanese cell phones thats why theres nine episodes.And second the gameplay footage is from the new game it uses the same basic engine as the original.This is fan treatment.People asked and square did.So quit complaining.Dont download if you dont like it.

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I almost thinking that ff4 will go 3D and have full remake .... ugh, its not ...

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OMG stop creating sequels/remakes/ports/whatever for stupid consoles like wii, ds, and psp. I WANT FFVII DONE LIKE THE DAM DEMO SHOWING PS3'S GRAPHIC POWER!

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So...is this game going to be 3D? All those gameplay vids were from the original game. I just hope this doesn't ruin the glory of the original (which is one of my favorite RPGs of all time).

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Can't wait for this; FFIV was by far my favourite retro game, and to date, is still my favourite. @Ovirew As far as the DS version, why is the classic better? Sure, the voice acting wasn't the greatest, but the characters and story were the same. I don't see why either of them should be compared to begin with.

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My only complaint is that it is being released in 9 parts. Why not just release one full game?

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@ YoePoeJoe, The DS version sucks. The classic version is much better.

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@ InfinityTomorro, Personally, FFIV is one of my favorite FF games as far as story and characters go, and is probably my favorite 'retro' FF title. I care about it, and I am sure a lot of other people do as well.

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Why would they make a sequel for a FF noone cared about? At least do one for 1, 2, or 6

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this is ridiculous no remake just old game i think waste money!

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I didn't know that this game is going to be a sequel, i thoght it was a remake. i just can't believe it, i can't wait to play this game, for me one f the best FF characters is Kain, this is really good news to me.

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The graphics are really retro. Why couldn't they just base the graphics off the DS version?

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Looks just too old for me.

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wow ff4 secuel , thats cool , i really liked the original , probably the best ff of all

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I'm so in. The FF4 game rocked and now the sequel!!! XD Time to partay!

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Wow! Brought me right back to the glory days of Super NES! I'm hooked already!

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10 years huh..ill be there