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@DoUFolksLikCofe - no, not harsh, naive. i never said i'm against sprites, even in new games (although this sprite is from a SNES game). i'm just saying a port from a cellphone game (check other comments and you'll see its true) with wii controls is just a way they found of getting more money through this game, which i never said that will be bad. i'm just stating that SE couldnt hide that they didnt want to work too much on it, since just existing is enough for it to sell like water in the desert (its a final fantasy, and its FF IV, one of the fans' favs, so it WILL sell well, even if it turns out to be awful)

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I need to pick up IV for DS still. I love the old school look. Two of my favorite systems were the NES and SNES. They are definitely hitting my nostalgia button.

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Still waiting for Before Crisis to come to some sort of platform.... Still need to beat FF4 before buying this. I keep getting side tracked.

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@BrunoBRS -Laughs at your icon and its blatant conflict with your statement extinguishing all hope that you may find the ability to argue against you own transparent ignorance- Too harsh? In your defense you probably didn't know it was meant for cellphones, id be pissed too in that case.

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Old school RPG's rule

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@ BrunoBRS well....where do I start? you complain about Square-Enix being too lazy to develop a game with decent graphics? See Final Fantasy XIII or check out the history on this particular one (I.E. find it's origins as a cell-phone game) next; you complain about them throwing a game on Wii with DS graphics and suggest that they should have bothered to give it quality graphics such as Final Fantasy IV's in its DS incarnation. what's wrong with that statement? you're complaining about DS graphics, but saying that it should have DS graphics. Alright, that makes sense.

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Nice trailer

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It same as FF3 in DS but the stroy and places different.

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still waiting for a remake or revisit to ffvi the best of the ff's even today. In my personal view.

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Woot! Gotta love it!!

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Someone may have mentioned it already, but I hope you guys realized that this was originally made for CELLPHONES in Japan which is why the graphics look like this. Just be glad Square Enix was kind enough to even give us a chance to play what could have otherwise been a Japan-only game. If you don't like the graphics then don't play it... simple as that. That being said, thank you Square Enix for giving me a chance to play the sequel to a beloved classic.

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Why does this look like it should be a ds game?

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SilentCard, ya me to

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I am so glad that sprites are still being used after all these years. It just gives me a warm-n-fuzzy, oldschool-ish feeling inside. :)

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Graphics fail. When will sprites die? Yeah, gameplay might be the most important aspect of a game but I'd like to see someone say they'd rather play Pong! over Virtua Tennis and keep a straight face.

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As a gaming old timer, I still agree with people harping about it's graphics... I don't think the young people are against 2D graphics, I think they are against 16-bit style art, you can do awesome art so much much better with modern hardware, they could have at least upgraded the sprites to reflect the advanced in hardware. I'm not going to complain though since it's a sequel to an ancient game that few modern gamers have played outside of the really cool people(tm) Graphics don't make gameplay but they DO frame and enhance gameplay, Does anyone really want to go back to final fantasy 1 and watch you guys in little menu box, shake their swords in the air at the enemies, and then magically see a little hit animation on the enemy? They did that because of the limitations of console hardware, we are generations beyond the 8 and 16 bit era. Cheap ports of old 16 bit games are giving gamers the finger in my opinion. The game doesn't have to be 3D, but the certainly could do a true sequel to the game and spice up the art a lot.

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"Come on Nintendo!" Okay, Nintendo has nothing to do with this game. It was made by Matrix Software (same guys who did FF3 and FF4DS) originally for cellphones in Japan, hence the archaic graphics. Square US could have just left the game in Japan where most of you wouldn't have even heard of it, but they're releasing it here anyway. It's a budget game anyway - low development cost and low price - there's no ulterior motive here. Used to be people complained when companies left games in Japan, now they bring em over and people complain? What's up with that?

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and yes, i'm ready to receive all those flames about "graphics is not everything". true, but it shows that the company is too lazy to develop a decent-looking game

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*laughs at graphics* :lol: capcom makes an old-school looking game and then everybody starts wondering if its not easier to make 16-bit games and say its "to give a nostalgic look". sorry SE, but i've seen FF IV on the DS, least you could do is use THOSE graphics, and improve them... instead of throwing DS versions with wii controls *coughs*echoesoftime*coughs* or, in this case, SNES versions with SNES gameplay (10 dollars it'll use the wiimote sideways and thats it)

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Im disappointed at nearly all the negative comments below! This is suppose to look like this, as the original FFIV! The gameplay and storyline will be just as great, doesnt have to have superior graphics like newer titles (i.e FFXIII!) Love this game like you would love your own mother, coz i am!

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this is a download game right? if so then awesome. if it's released as a full priced game however i am much less impressed. [Edit] i still stand by gameplay > graphics when it comes to importance.

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I was hopeing it would ATLEAST look like the one on DS...but oh well...better be a good price and not as much as My Life as a King....

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I actually prefer the sprites and this kind of art style to the new 3-D models like on the DS. I just personally think it looks better suited to a Final Fantasy game than cute little models.

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Im confused.....very very confused. Is this a port of an old game? If not than come on nintendo. If your going to do sprites, do them well. these are between NES and GBA quality. being lazy and saying its "old school" is a cop-out.

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worst expression of recycling. It looks like it plays exactly the same as FFIV in terms of gameplay and locations to travel to just with a few new added characters. I'm very disapointed that SE wasted their time on making a cheap excuse for a sequel.

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i was pretty disgusted with this game until i realized it was a wii ware exclusive. thats pretty cool i guess.

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previous comment aside it still looks intriguing

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uh... nostalgia is nice but I get bored with rpg combat systems that arnt flashy

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16 bit era was the best era for JRPGs by far.

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Is this some sort of joke?

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... i fell like i was cheatd... COME ON NINTENDO WAKE UP!!!

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"Are you kidding me? Gameboy Colour graphics on the Wii?" AHHAHAHA! What the hell Gameboy Color were YOU playing? Gameboy Advance != Gameboy Color. By the way, uggghhh.... don't call it "The After Years" That subtitle just makes me cringe.

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people stop complaining about the graphics you know how happy so many megaman fans were for megaman 9? this is great nothing wrong with the old school you can call it being lazy but if its good who cares

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Ahh, so it seems like SquareEnix might be leaning more towards expanding upon pre-existing Final Fantasy games as opposed to developing Final Fantasy 27. Very smart move :) However it'd be nice if SOMEONE from the original development team during the golden years were to play some part in the making of these games.

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Really wasn't expecting this one. My favorite game ever, but... It wouldn't hurt improve the graphics a little... like the DS version.

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i'm glad they didn't change graphic's but can anyone refresh me on the ending i can remember the moon lvl.

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Are you kidding me? Gameboy Colour graphics on the Wii?

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Its a shame they didn't go Crisis core style with it and give it nice graphics ontop of solid story and game mechanics.

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talk about being lazy, companies should stop with bringing back the 8 bit graphics, mega man 9 could have look so cool with average graphics

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Wii ware exclusive! Great now f*** u all!1!!

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Yep !! i just fear they start to care more about the graphics than the gameplay that would sucks!

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@Aegyss Uhhhh did you watch the trailer? They DID update the sprites lol.

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@ key_slayer - They are probably going for the old-school taste, just like Mega Man 9. It looks like a good game.

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I was really pumped up until I saw it was nine episodic games....If I have to shell out £90 (9000 points) for a regular FF title, screw that. And I am also pissed off that It's not on DSi-ware or even XBLA so I could get some achievement point's (9 episodes don't sound that bad when you think about 200 points x9) Apart from the bad, I am stoked that it's a NES/SNES throw back since around then were the pinnacle of FF games.

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Ahhhh, exciting!

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The graphics don't define the core experience of the game, but it IS important. SE's choice to stick with the old sprites is to appeal to your nostalgia, which I don't believe to be a driving force for game design. To make a sequel to a game, they're supposed to ADD to the initial design and make it better. As far as I can see in that trailer, and I don't doubt this idea, but the gameplay is probably going to be exactly the same as FFIV (No, I haven't played it entirely so go ahead and flame me). Sure, new skills, new characters, whatever. But seriously, I've played hundreds of RPGs, and having a different name for my fire skill, and a different name for my Lancer, isn't just gonna cut it anymore. And in terms of graphics, they could have AT LEAST updated the sprites. But, w.e. If you're an FFIV fan, this is gonna be your treat. I just wish that companies stop milking their franchises. Money makes the world go round I guess.

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About time we get the sequel. I remember that this was actually a mobile phone game in Japan called FFIV: The After. Hopefully someone will emulate this on the pc! =D

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Okay, I really don't care about the graphics. FFIV being 3D on DS isn't what made it such a great game, but still.... WTF SQUARE ENIX?!?!?!? Way to go appeal to a bigger audiance, Wii Ware exclusive!? I bought a DS just to play FFIV and FFIII, but I'm never buying a Wii. You guys can go kill yourselves.

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What's up with people needing this gen's graphics for every game that comes out? It's about the gameplay, not the graphics.