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So, it's effectively another handheld Crystal Chronicles game.

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dammit square.... stop making all these great looking games on handhelds and giving consoles crap!!!

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@normanislost Its about Development budgets..not every developer has the budget to make the kinds of games on a next-gen/current gen platforms. Sometimes its easier to make a smaller scale less graphically intense game on a handheld. Noone wants to spend money now a days unless they know there will be a return on it...this is also why some of these games dont come to the west like they used to....

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@IanNottinghamX @normanislost I might be in the minority, but I certainly wouldn't mind those "smaller scale" games on consoles. Release them on the digital services like PSN, and price it as a "budget" title.

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Guys, stay away from parks and public benches as there is a Dengue fever outbreak being spread by mosquitoes in Tokyo right now, that is why you don`t see any people about.

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@LatinproX True story: We did actually have to swat away at least two mosquito or mosquito-looking insects during the filming of this video.

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Looks good so far. Looks like SE only manages to release good FF games if they are spin offs on the 3ds

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@ArchoNils2 They do like making good spin offs, but I wouldn't say only on the 3ds... FFAdventure, FFTactics, TTAdvance, Crisis Core, Dissidia, Dissidia012, Type0... All fun handheld games... Clearly they have some good people working on these.

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Oh I was talking about this gen only. I love other spin offs as well. I actually enjoyed each of the spinoffs on Psp and 3Ds more than FF12-14 combined.

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@JimmeyBurrows @ArchoNils2 you are correct it's not just the DS there are a ton of great ones on the PSP (which I own pretty much all of)

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i really like what i'm seeing of it. i hope it gets localized if it's any good.

16 abilities seems a bit overkill though for what is basically a hack and slash, but maybe it includes using items, blocking/dodging, jumping, etc.