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Final Fantasy 15 And The Ugliest Road Trip Ever | Potato Mode

Joey and Jean-Luc embark on the most horrific-looking road trip in Final Fantasy XV, while also dragging the game's once-gorgeous graphics through the mud.

Final Fantasy XV was a beautiful game with detailed Nomura character designs and sweeping vistas in a vast open world. We have nothing but reverence for it, but that won’t stop us from completely ruining it on PC. In this Potato Mode, Joey Yee and Jean-Luc Seipke explore the land of Eos as filtered through a Play-Doh modeling kit.

The experiment starts innocently enough, turning down the graphics settings until they’re bad-but-recognizable. Sure the grass is flickering in and out of existence and the characters look a little fuzzy, but it looks fine enough. But just wait.

After tweaking some extra settings, the true horror show begins. The menus are illegible, Noctis’ face becomes about 80% hair, and the gang’s signature car somehow turned into a monster truck. Enemies are bright orange blobs, and the less said about the results of Photo Mode, the better. You’ll just have to watch the video above to fully grasp the unspeakable horrors therein.

The PC version of Final Fantasy XV released earlier this year, and included the base game and its DLC expansions, including the ones focusing on individual party members and another that added the Comrades multiplayer mode.

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