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vamos argentina loco

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Esoo vamos argentina chee!! Ahh It's so nice to see that t-shirt again :)

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Vamos argentina carajo!!! Un argentino haciendo un juego de futbol , seguro va a estar bueno! encima de Tigre! q groso!

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amazing, I own this game, and everything is just awesome, except i keep loosing rank matches online due to lag xD that sucks, I never paid attention to this detail , but now it will make my game better = D, hurray for fifa fans

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i always was fifa fan so welcome back this time FIFA crush PES Iinto the dust see you PES next year

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by the way, i totally agree with accretia27. the songs r great!

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i own this game thus i don't know anything about football! :( it's quite fun but .....

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By the way...go RIQUELME!!!

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I completely agree yeah 28. I'm Argentinean and my love for soccer is stronger than anything else.

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I'm happy to see that someone in the developing team of FIFA knows more argentinean clubs than just Boca Juniors and River Plate,yes,these are the most popular ones but i'm still waiting for the entire argentinean first division to be inccluded in the game. Maybe one day...

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Way too cool new animations.It's going to change the very way people praise the FIFA series.

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This game is great.. It's kind of difficult to get used to the gameplay but worth it to learn how to play..

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great game, but i cant wait to release PES 09!

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good song

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I envy al of you Xbox360 owners who bought this game, Do you know why?... Because you dont have Wayne Rooney on the front of your game cover us PS3 gamers are stuck with shreks face im not amused!! lol

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get back FIFA ; PES make counter attak

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can't wait to play this game. FIFA is the greatest soccer sim. PES is good but fifa has more teams (as it is the offical FIFA GAME) and match presentation is by far much better than PES. Oct.14th come quickly

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go ronaldinho